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Finally taking the first step... (kinda long)

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I have been talking... and talking... and talking... about going back to Grad school... and always the barrier of the GRE has stood in my way. I never have the money, or the time (usually it works that when I have the time, I don't have the $$$, and vice-versa). So, my dad'll complain about me using the American Express for this nasty charge (it's 130 bucks), especially since we JUST got it down and then immediately knocked it back up because I was in the middle of my road trip to visit them and my van died... for good... put the new vehicle ON the Amex (since i just started the new job, the chance of me getting financing was miniscule)... he has told me two things: one, take it easy on the card... and two: get a second job, preferably one that pays better than Oregon's minimum wage of 7.50/hr. Which I'm looking for as I type this (second tab in my browser).

So, I bit the bullet, as the deadlines for next Fall is February... and I need to take tests ASAP... then get my paperwork together and apply... argh!!!

Granted, dad won't be TOO mad... this means I'm taking the next step for Grad school, which he seriously wants me to do. As for application fees and such, since I am finally working (despite not making much), I'll handle those fees myself. I think I'm only doing two schools... nothing here in Oregon that's accredited by the ALA (I'm going to Library School). Two schools fit what I need: one in Seattle and San Jose State, down in CA. Both have online programs, which I can do from Portland. I'd much rather have a campus based propgram here, but there's nothing decent. Something I've noticed in the job listings: you have a better chance of employment IF you graduate from an ALA accredited school... many of the places are LOOKING for that.

Now I've finally scheduled my GRE... for December 6th. I wanted November... but they had nothing... at all. Which sucks.

It's still tempting to drive myself to complete insanity by trying for a dual degree: English (Creative Writing) and my MLS (Master's in Library Science). This would certainly double my chances of finding employment after graduation... but my mind would probably want a VERY long vacation... in a nice little padded room.

Anyway... wish me luck for the next several weeks... as I'll not only be working, volunteering and studying for the test, but during November, I'll also be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the second year in a row... I won last year... and have every intention of winning this year. Not like winning is just for one person... it's basically achieving your 50K wordcount within 30 days... yes, I'm going to write another novel... this time, sci-fi. I think. Must work cats into it this year...

Back to organizing my books... gotta get things cleaned up before November 1st.

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Well thats great news!! Congrats Good luck for sure!!
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Your plans sound exciting. I hope one of the colleges works out for you. How long will it take to get your MLS? Also, good luck on the novel writing. Is there a monetary component to winning? That might help with grad school.
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That sounds like a lot of work ahead for you. Good luck and keep your eye on the prize.
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no monetary prize... for example: last year we had about 60,000 people write, and just under 10,000 of them hit the 50K mark. That would be a lot of money to hand out... especially since it's a charity and the money raised via donations goes to building schools in far east countries...

those of us who do NaNoWriMo do it for bragging rights. I wrote a fantasy novel last year... comic fantasy... i had a blast doing it... hopefully I'll get the plot arc done (nope, still not... yeesh... need a slavedriver standing over me with a whip... actually just a nice big real deadline will do), get it polished up and *maybe* SOMEDAY get the darn thing published... I have had several people read excerpts and they love it... they want more, but i've been holding back... needs lots of work. The goal, as I tell people, of NaNo, is not to write a GOOD novel... but to just get it done. Doesn't have to be good, just has to be done.

On other notes: I have a one-to-one meeting Wednesday with the agents handling Part-timer's insurance at work. Most retail places (and other workplaces) don't offer any kind of benefits for us part time folk... but they're just starting to offer it. it's not full medical and dental... very limited, but it's SOMETHING... something I haven't had in over 5 years... I'm sooooo taking it.

The MLS will take about three to four years... legally I cannot live in my apartment complex and be a full time student... it's one of those pesky, yet odd, restrictions they place on limited income housing here...I'll have at least a second year though... I'd have to look into the rules about satellite programs... as that's what I'll be doing. But i may have to do only part time... we'll see. I want to get it done NOW, as there's tons of librarian gigs around here... and you need the MLS. It's wierd... I was talking a couple months ago with a lcoal librarian lady... she said it's been nearly impossible for her and her fellow graduates to get jobs around town... now, she went to a non-ALA accredited program that IS here in Portland... I didn't want to burst her bubble by telling her what I've observed in the listings. This is why I refuse to even apply to that program... IMHO, if the ALA hasn't blessed that program, I don't want to bother. I want to improve my chances of employment... and I'll do anything I can... including a satellite program.

Here I am yawning and having a hard time keeping my eyes open... yet I'm being very chatty online... and it's only 8pm here... oh bother...

books... must ... get ... done ... aarrrrgghhh!!!

Have I mentioned how much I hate filling out job applications? I much prefer just sending a cover letter and resume... blech.

Back to ... whatever I was doing... oh yeah... the books.

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I hope everything works out for you and you get to go to grad school!
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Wow thats alot of work! Good Luck!
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