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1.I love my kids & hubby
2.I want a tummy tuck & boob job!
3.Im soooo dis-organised
4.Im scared of spiders & flying .....oh and flying spiders arghhh
5.I worry about everything!
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The things about me.

1. I liked summer vecation more then anything I long to become an art teacher not only because I love art but also because I want summers off in the future.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/blush.gif

2. I can grow lots of facial hair and am proud of it http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif

3. like fish to eat/cats to love and play with. Frogs that have mouths as big as half their bodies and scream like naughty tots while lunging at you mouth open crack me up. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif

4. Am afraid of: heart videos(I hate the body story one) Grandpa and my mom both died from heart issues. Having compacted wisdom teeth woes / deep water/tree roots and mushy ground that sucks you up into it. Dogs that run after you with bad intentions/not dogs in genrual. Nightmares, though am fasinated by dreams.

5. I have a very wild imagation and like writing wild stories about people who live in caves/turn into animals or become stronger through their struggles.
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Five things about me:

1. I was a historical reenactor, and made all of my own clothing and bonnets.

2. I once rode an elephant.

3. I used to be a volunteer literacy tutor (for English as a Second Language).

4. I speak 6 languages.

5. I had my upper lip torn off by a dog 7 years ago (it's been reconstructed, and looks quite normal).

Sorry it's not more interesting!

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Hmmm only 5 things....

1. I'm married and have 1 child, potentially another on the way (still have to wait about 1 more week to find out *bites nails*
2. I'm only 20 years old (will be 21 in May)
3. I'm in my second of 4 years of university to be a Teacher.
4. My major is Native Studies and my minor is Drama.
5. I Love school, children and reading.

hehe I think I managed more than 5 things but stuck to the rules hehehe.
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1. I live in Mississippi
2. I work at a kindergarden/day care
3. I am gonna be a grandmother in September
4. I have been married to the same man for almost 30 years
5. I love to go camping
6. We like Nascar and go to Talladega every fall
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1. I have no friends at my school (had to switch schools in August because of health problems).
2. I'm a huge nerd. My life literally revolves around computers, cats, gathering information, history, and photography. All I talk about is the history of my city/province/etc.
3. Socks are gross and I don't like wearing them
4. I don't know how to swim and am deathly afraid of seaweed. Even the Titanic gives me the heebie jeebies.
5. I have an "autographed" picture of Yuri Gagarin on my wall (his forger from the Yuri Gagarin Fan Club did it).
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1. I dance ballroom and Salsa every Friday night. Have been for the last 5 years.
2. I can bend my pinky toe sideways
3. I won a national bagging competition when I was 18
4. I like cats more than people
5. I make the best lemon drop martinis EVER.
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1. I don't fit in well with other people. I'm a medical technologist.
2. I have never been married, much less dated.
3. I love to read. I can read more than one book at a time.
It gets me away from reality.
4. My parents are not in the best condition, and I am tormented by it. I am an only child.
5. I love to cook. I make almost everything from scratch. Hardly ever eat frozen.
6. My first language was english/german.
7. I love fantasy role-playing games or super mario brothers.
8. I love to be outdoors with nature. I also grow plants and tend a garden. I love Hummingbirds.
9. I collect my childhood cartoons for the memories. I recently bought and watched the first season of the Disney gummi bears.
10. I workout every week and play tennis.

I have always loved cats.
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Hmmm....let's see...

1. I'm 38 and single, never married.
2. I love cats WAY more than dogs
3. Plan on opening a senior cat rescue/retirement home.
4. I'm in school to become an elem. school teacher.
5. Family is VERY important to me.
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1. I am the youngest of 5 and the only girl
2. I´m afraid of heights
3. My garden was featured on a TV programme
4. I have no living parents or grand-parents
5.I dont understand why some people are mean or cruel
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Five things about me:

1. I write fiction - fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and I love it.
2. I love drawing on myself.
3. I still play dress up (for any reason or none at all) - and I'm 27.
4. I'm generally considered by friends (and I agree) to be morbid and creepy.
5. I'm my family's eldest sibling, and I consider it one of my most defining characteristics.
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1. I am 38 years old
2. I have naturally curly hair
3. I love to crochet
4. I have two children
5. I have an extremely sarcastic personality
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1 I have a BS in Biology and never had a job in that field.
2 I am afraid to learn how to drive(i'm 29)
3 I am sarcastic
4 B/c I am sarcastic I get along better with guys
5 I love Bret Michaels from the 80's band Poison
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1. When I was a kid, I'd gather tadpoles (along with the mud & rainwater) from the roadside puddles in the springtime and lug them home in buckets. For weeks I'd watch them as their little legs would grow out of their round, soft bodies while their tales would disappear. Soon, I'd release dozens of baby frogs into our yard and mom would never be bothered by bugs in her garden that year!

2. Around the same time, I always thought that someone was watching me. But it was more than just that...I always thought there were cameras (video cameras?) watching me...in the trees, the grass, in school...everywhere.

3. I love to count stuff...not out loud...but just to myself...I'm always counting...over & over...

4. I'm also always typing out stuff...without a keyboard...like air-typing! (I guess its some sort of OCD...that's what they call it nowadays...I just think I like to type! )

5. I'm a seamstress. I learned how to sew in 7th & 8th grades and made my clothes for the remainder of my school years...except for my senior year, I did actually buy some ready-made clothes that year. I can sew pretty much anything...but mostly I make stuff for my home.

Be back later with more...

Hilda >^..^<
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I just saw this thread and thought that I would contribute....

1. I graduate in May from Nursing school
2. Pepper is trying to get cozy on my feet right now as I type
3. I have a brother that is 19 years younger than me
4. I am moving to a really nice apartment in May (4 days after I graduate!)
5. I have a really obnoxious cold right now
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Hi panther pride here/again

6. I saw a grapefruit today that was as large as or almost as large as a cantelopehttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/images/smilies/jaw-dropping.gif

7. I've tried oranges that are the size of grapes.

8. My wisdom teeth are probably going to have to be taken out.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima.../angryfire.gif

9. I dont like hearing negitive opinions of things/animals I like or goals want to do in life( pigeons are rats with wings/ ihttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/images/smilies/angryfire.gifts It doesnt work that way when looking for work/happniess over money/ect.) Also hate battling their voices over my own

10. I love to pick berries and go fishing.
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1.I LOVE playing tennis
2.I have an obssesion with horror books and ghost stories(The Amityville Horror gave me nightmares )
3.I like reading(not as much now)
4.My dream is to live in London(I have visited London for a year and I love it and want to go back.)
5.I like art(I prefer sketching and cartooning)
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let see...

1. I am lacking on school work due to this site being addictive
2. I went to gettysburg last year and LOVED it, I love going to historical places and such
3. I love haunted things or anything dealing with hauntings
4. I like to read but havent much since school started, and I usually read biographies or autobiographies, and most of all muder mystery well most is true stories, and well romance novels
5. I am undecided on what I am going to college for, either vet tech or a profiler

thats it for now I am sure Ill end up reposting more soon or later
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1. I'm 18 and 5'9
2. I'm in college to be an Archeology major
3. I'm confused about guys
4. I need to lose some weight (Not that i'm heavy though)
5. I love all my kitties equally!
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1. I love animals muh much more than people, and if I had the choice I'd spend my whole life with animals, and my mom cuz she's my best friend
2. I'm scared to do jumping on horses after I nearly fell off a really bouncy one who went over the jump funny
3. I don't know what to do when I'm older, either be working with horses or cats and dogs
4. I spend nearly 3-6 hours on TCS a day, depending on what I'm actually doing, but most of the time I'm just on TCS
5. I have been abroad over 15 times to many differnt places including Portugal, Florida x2 (going again next year!! ), and Corfu, but sometimes I just like to have little holidays over here, such as Blackpool, Wales or Dublin

Here's 5 things about Mitzi...

1. She enjoys exploring anywhere she can find - from the roof to the washing machine (BTW I always watch her when she goes near it I never leave her alone or leave the door open etc)
2. She has a spazzy fit every day. This includes running around the garden at 90mph, doing little "kitten hops" and pouncing about in thin air.
3. She loves to bite people for no reason. She will attack your feet as you walk by, or just simply chomp you when you are asleep.
4. She is in love with a cat named Spike who lives in our street, and often follows him around and doesn't leave him alone!
5. She has a ginger line going all the way from her chin to her chest, and I call it her 'dribble line' and also call her 'Dribble Puss' cuz she always looks like she's dribbled orange slobber down herself.

There you go! 5 things about me & my kitty!
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Hmm, lets see!

1. I'm 21 years old
2. I work as a lab technician in an environmental chemistry laboratory
3. I am 110% obsessed with kitties
4. I am married to an amazing man who loves cats as much as I do
5. I am in the process of building a home with the hubby

and a few extras:

6. I currently have 1 kitty here in SC with the husband-half - her name is Katina. We had two, but Monte crossed the bridge Friday. We may get Katina a playmate when enough time has passed for us to heal over Monte.
7. I have 3 kitties in NC at my parents' house - Chassis, Caliper, and Tailpipe.
8. I attend a technical college here in SC for automotive technology, though I don't plan on leaving my laboratory job anytime soon.
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1. I am almost phobic when it comes to thunderstorms.
2. I used to want to be a dog trainer.
3. I refuse to drive a minivan (and I have 3 kids).
4. I hate being defined as my sister's sister, I have my own identity, I hate it when people ask me about her, I am a person too.
5. I used to have a crush on Jimmy Fallon.
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1. I would LOVE to be a vet but I faint at the sight of blood, and often cry when watching animal cops.
2. I'm a horse freak, anything horses I love. I'm like the farmers around here when they drive, slow down whenever I see a farm I like Sorry, I'm an Iowa girl!
3. I like almost any animal, I have rats and a snake.
4. I don't drink pop/soda
5. I think I'm one of the very few 21-year-olds that didn't get hammered on their birthday!
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1. My real name is Mariesa
2. When I was younger I wanted to write children's stories for a living
3.I just started loving cats a lot (I use to love dogs more)
4.i'm the only one in my family that has grey eyes (My dad has brown my mum has blue and my sister has green)
5.I can't wait to have kids

Oh and BTW i've never been drunk either although I have been close
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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
5. I used to have a crush on Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon graduation from my high school (a few years before I did, haha) Neat.

five things about me...

01. I'm a poet. I read every Monday night, and I have been published. I'd eventually like to get more serious about it, but I have to find the time!

02. I have a degree in history; I changed my major from education to history with one semester to go. My mother has yet to forgive me for not being a teacher

03. Recently, I have been making a concerted effort to take control of my health. I am eating much better, and I joined the gym. But I have a huge sweet tooth, and it's really hard!

04. I'm socially awkward, but not really shy.

05. I have zero fashion sense.
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Originally Posted by Pippy-pops View Post
5? I can't even think of one thing let alone 5!!!! I'm boring myself!
  1. I love fairy's! Completely believe that they exist!
  2. I always try my hardest to please everyone with anything they ask me to do or help with... most of the time to the detriment of my own work or health! At the moment a very close colleague at work is trying to help me not to take on too much because I'm starting to struggle with everyone else's work as well as my own and I'm NOT coping anymore!
  3. I fall in love with Tony (my partner) even more everyday! I treasure his friendship (he's my only close friend at the moment), I find his sense of humor rather odd at times, especially some of the nicknames he comes up with for me!!!! Some are horrendous but others are cutely sickening!!!!
  4. I miss South Africa more than I let on to anyone! I have a secret little cry every so often for all the things I grew up with and left behind.
  5. I love singing. My mom says she knows immediatly when I'm happy because I sing away to myself! She also says that I start every morning off with a laugh... even when I'm alittle down!
  6. I love to gossip!
  7. My best friend Brad is getting married in April next year back home in South Africa and I so wish that I could be there to see him getting married but unfortunatly I won't be able to! If I win the lottery, the first thing I am buying is a ticket to SA! He's the sunshine of my life and without him, I don't think my life would be quite the same as it is today! Gosh I really miss him!
  8. I am always in overdraft, even though I work 3 jobs! I stick to my budget every single month but somehow I'm always, always in massive overdraft and I don't know how to get out of it!
  9. I pretent to never have a care in the world... I just don't want to burden someone else with my worries but sometimes when I do need to talk about how I'm feeling, my Aunt is always there to listen and give advice! She's more like my big sister than my aunt!

Maybe I could think of more than none!!!!
This was posted by me in 2006... perhaps time for an update!
  • I still love fairies but don't believe they exist anymore!
  • I still take on far too much responsibility at work but I've learned to say no!
  • I have had a few ups and downs with Tony in the past year, mainly due to his ex and her malicious and devious ideas about "what a father is supposed to be to his son"
  • Gossip is always good but if it's about Tony's ex, it's even better! Hehehe!
  • I really miss Brad! But he's married now and I never did get to save enough money to make it to his wedding!
  • I don't sing as often anymore... perhaps I'm not as happy as I used to be?
  • I really miss South Africa!
  • Overdraft problems have got worse over the past few years but I am now in a very good debt management plan and slowly paying off those debts!
  • My aunt moved away from the UK and is now in Austrailia, I really miss her and cry when ever I speak to her on the phone!

And some new ones!
  • I really want to start a family and want to be pregnant by December this year! My life revolves around thoughts of having a baby but I'm still on the pill. Maybe it's time for "the talk" with Tony!
  • I work for the Government Olympic Executive in London for the Olympics in 2012
  • I miss my Gramma who passed away in January! I miss her wise words and weekly chats

Not much more....
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1. I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and take nothing serious unless it is an extreme circumstance

2. I suffer from severe night terrors so bad that my Doctor actually studied me for future reference I also sleep walk or talk almost every night.

3. I know a gazillion people as acquaintances, but only have one friend.

4. I am going to school in September to be a Veterinary Technician and in the next 20 years my goal is to either become a veterinary or work with large exotics at the Zoo.

5. I am a very “glass half full†type person and see good in everything even if it’s a bad situation

6. I love to debate and can be considered annoying because of that.

7. I am a video game geek and met my boyfriend on a video game

8. Most people misjudge me from my appearance.
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Oh, me too!

1. I had three huge goals in my life- to get married, buy a house, and have kids. Two (married and house) were achieved last September. Guess what I'm working on now?

2. If I had one magical wish, it wouldn't be power or money or long life, it'd be that every single human on the planet and every one ever born would have a good level of respect for all people, life, and property. That wouldn't affect most of you here, I know!

3. I tend to be far too open and blunt about everything. Drives people crazy!

4. I've never fit in with my peers. I always have more friends outside my age group than in.

5. If I were independently wealthy, I would dedicate all my time to K9 Search and Rescue!
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Here are mine:

1) My life long dream is to become a Midwife.

2) I belong in a HUGE family...I have 5 sisters, 1 brother, 11 nieces and nephews, 47 cousins...the list is just too long!

3) I am 22 years old, and have only ever had one steady relationship which lasted 2 years. My first kiss was at the age of 17.

4) I would love to spend the rest of my life as a career orientated woman, the thought of falling pregnant scares me! So having a family is out of the question...

5) I have never ever been abroad, would really love to though!
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1. I am an only child and my parents split when I was 4
2. I work in agriculture -helping farmers get financial aid
3. I love all animals - would love to take all the cats I find and become the cat lady..but that wont happen
4. I am a computer geek and also love to play video games
5. I read a lot, go camping and of course photography but most of you know that by now.
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