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1. I'm the mother of 2 boys (Justice 10yrs and Deacon 6yrs)
2. I love all animals..especially cats.
3. I LOVE my car! (2002 Ford Mustang! )
4. I've been going through a nasty divorce since November but I've since met someone wonderful
5. Reading and writing are 2 of my favorite past times.
6. I love Rock Music. The louder, the better!
7. I am 29yrs old but I refuse to grow up I tell people I'm 24 and holding
8. I wanted to be a vet growing up but ended up in accounting even though I failed Math all through high school and had to have a tutor
9. I'm not a "girly-girl" I don't do my nails or fuss over my hair. I'm not afraid to get dirty.
10. I enjoy horror movies.

Ok....... I'll shut up now
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1. I'm 21 and I'm a History/Social Science Secondary Education Major with a minor in Psychology.

2. I'm a senior in college and have never been to a college party.

3. My little sister, who is 16 now, is my world. I help raise her since I was 8 years old.

4. I'm obsessed with my car and all Hondas!

5. I can usually tell the make/model/year range on almost any car made within the past 20 years from a distance.

6. When I talk about my kittens, people often initially think I am talking about my children. (which I am! lol)

7. I love rock music and going to concerts!

8. I'm a girl with a boy's name. My real name is Rian (like Ryan) and it was only a few months ago that I met another girl with my name.

I only went 3 over. lol
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1. I'm 6'2", 212 lbs.

2. I've loved critters forever. When I was a kid, I had dogs, cats, lizards, toads, snakes, a guinea name it.

3. Do volunteer for the local animal shelter.

4. I'm a sports car enthusiast and am currently fixing up a 1973 Datsun 240Z.

5. I have a Ducati 1098 sportbike.

6. Employed by the State of Illinois.

7. My favorite foods are pizza and Mexican food.

8. I play electric guitar and my favorite band is Lynyrd Skynyrd.

9. I'm happily single.
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1. I love silly socks. I will wear silly socks to work underneath my nice office clothes. By silly, I mean Pirate socks, or Spiderweb socks, or Bumblebee socks... I wear Christmas socks in May and Halloween socks at Christmas.

2. I like to play Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars and other table top roleplaying games. I play with a group of friends almost every weekend. I also play Magic: the Gathering and other board and card games.

3. I am a website designer, but I only make $9.50/hr, so I have a full time job and am a full time student so that I can get a better job. I am tired of always scraping to make ends meet every month.

4. I was a student at one of the best art schools in the area, but I could not manage to go to art school and work 30 hours a week at the same time. I was financially unable to focus solely on my coursework, and was forced to drop out of school. During this time, I slept so little and worked myself so hard trying to do amazing art projects (and do well in my other classes) that I burnt myself out. I have barely drawn or painted since then. I dropped out in 2003.

5. I am lazy by nature, and am always trying to get out of doing anything that could possibly be labeled as "work." This characteristic does not make sense when you consider my job + school. I think I must be a masochist, too...

6. My husband and I have been married for 3 years. I am 25 and do not have any children. I am not sure if I want to have any children.

7. I am always having strange problems with my electronic devices (computers, cell phones, etc) and my car, even though I am really good with computers. The things that happen are never my fault, always random.

8. We have five computers at home - 4 desktops, and one laptop. There are only two of us that live there.

9. I subscribe to cable internet, but not cable tv. I enjoy reading and using the internet far more than I enjoy watching television. I like to watch movies, though!

10. I have at least 8 bookshelves (some quite tall) in my small apartment. I need more bookshelves, but do not know where I would put them.

I'm sure I could think of more stuff. That was fun!
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I listen to music you will probably hear on mainstream radio, mostly alternative country, songwriters, and Rockabilly. Music can move me to tears, depending what I listen to.

I have been happily unmarried to a great guy for 23 years. He was my best friend before we became a couple, and still is.

I am heavily tattooed, but in normal clothes, I look like I have none. I still have 2 eyebrow, tongue and nostril piercings at 49 years old, and I am keeping them.

I am empathic, as are 1 in 14 people, but most people never use or develop this gift. It works great on my massage therapy clients.

I have a beautiful daughter, who gave us a beautiful granddaughter.

I drive an old beat up Chevy truck, complete with primer spots and bullet holes (from the previous owner).

I am hoping to move to Austin this spring.

At the moment, I have the Mother Of ALL Hangovers, because my sweetie and I stayed up most of the night listening to music and doing shots of rum and talking.
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Hrmm lets see.

1. I am a recovering anorexic. At 5'6 I weighed 90lbs and at age 34 I had to wear size 12 little girls clothes and even those we too big. I am now much better but not truely recovered.

2. I got married on a Cruise Ship. We took 30 of our friends and family and had a 7 day party afterwards. It was so awsome.

3. I am OCD.

4. I love all animals but am deathly afraid of dogs due to being bit and having 120 stitches. If a dog runs at me I am paralyzed by fear and can't move and cry like a baby. Yet I have worked in a Vets office and In Rescue shelters. Go Figure.

5. I wear a 24 hour heart monitor and have to call in and report to a cardiac nurse everyday.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
5. I think I'm one of the very few 21-year-olds that didn't get hammered on their birthday!
I'm one of them also! On my 21st birthday, I bought 1 drink and spent $5 in the slot machines on our honeymoon cruise

I don't think I've been drunk since I turned 21
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I. I love reading! 2. Don't even joke about taking my cats away from me! 3. I have mild CP. I've always been single. 5. I LO9VE, LOVE, LOVE MEERKAT MANOR!
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What a fun thread
Hmm...what to say about myself..I think I'll go for ten, I think my top five might make me sound sort of shallow

1. I love to read.
2. I love old movies (mid 30's -mid 50's best. I love Fred Astaire, William Holden, Audrey Hepburn, etc).
3. I love my animals, they're my babies since I don't want real children.
4. I love to cook, and Im pretty good at it. If I don't cook often I get cranky.
5. I'm a published (and paid) photographer.
6. I don't speak to my father, my choice.
7. I'm in my 20's and own my own house, but the only place I've ever really felt at home was in Europe.
8. I don't drink and never have.
9. I've never had a best friend.
10. People describe me as "nice".
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1. I dont drink soft drinks or eat fast food

2. I love organic everything!

3. I love all furry and feathered animals!

4. I hate large crowds.

5. I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up

6. Im very blunt and opinionated...

7. Im very friendly

8. Im open minded

9. I was 18 when I bought my first house

10. I love to read

11. I really want to be a Mommy!!

and that was a few over but Ive never quite been able to follow the rules
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Great thread!!

1. I am married with no children yet (we are trying!)
2. I am a huge Red Sox fan.
3. I was born in South Carolina but I now live in Maine.
4. I have a sister, two brothers, one siser-in-law and two brother-in-laws.
5. I LOVE watching movies.

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1. I like to move around. Grew up in CT, moved to PA, then WV, and now OH. Never would have expected that when I was a kid!

2. I have been looking for a new job in a different field, although I have a job that pays well. I get violently ill before I go to work most of the time.

3. I got my first brand new car last year at the age of 28.

4. I have a 10 gal and a 5 gal fish tank.

5. I have a step-mom and a step-dad. My step mom is awesome!!
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I have a really big sweet tooth
I love Italian food
I enjoy being outdoors among nature
I enjoy reading
I love scary movies
I don't like cooking much
I collect frog items
I want to learn how to play the piano
I'm scared to have kids
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My husband is the best one in the world!
I love dogs They are best creatures on earth
I am a fruit n veg person and eat many per day, I crave them
The outside is where I like to be, inside just isn't my thing
I am complusive about cleaning, esp. the kitchen, I must have a clean kitchen at all times
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I love to read
I love to got to the movies
I would love to go to scottland ( big dream )
I collect glass & china & to DH dismay cubords
But most of all I'm happy at home with my kitty corny but true
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1 i'm originally from germany and now live in so. cal.
2 never had children but have 9 cats
3 love to read, mostly fantasy like salvatore, martin, jordan etc
4 love classic and hard rock and love going to concerts (scorpions & hagar
on august 3rd, can't wait)
5 i collect autographs and go to lots of book signings
6 i love to work in the garden
7 i hardly ever watch TV unless it's a comedy special, never seen a reality
show unless you count meerkat manor
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and i forgot to mention i'm also a klutz. if there's something to trip or fall over i will. but i never broke a bone yet
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