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Kittens getting sick?

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Alright, I just lost my whole post -.- so here we go again, except this version will be short and sweet.

I've got 2 kittens (plus 2 older cats). The 2 kittens are 6 months old, and are all up to date on their needles and were spayed about 3 weeks ago.

The problem: About a month and a half ago, one of the kittens started throwing up 1-2 times a week. Every time she did, she had just finished eating quite a bit of food. There are always completely undigested food in what comes up. Now, about a week or 2 ago, the other kitten starting doing the same thing. The 2 older cats are perfectly healthy. We have food out 24/7, and the cats can eat as much of as little as they please. We've never had any issues with gorging or obesity in our cats. But I'm assuming what these kittens are doing is just that, gorging? Does anyone have any advice for what to do? Or should I take them to a vet, in case there is something wrong with them (granted we mentioned it to the vet when they were in to get spayed, and they said not to worry about it).

Could it have anything to do with the type of cat food as well? The kittens have been on the same food since the day they came home. We feed a mixture of adult and kitten Whiskas dry food.

So, I think I got everything. Advice please?
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my guess would be what you already said, eating to fast and to much,
if are really worried then i would take to a vet.
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Hi, if you are in the UK the food you are using has a lot of food colouring in it which can upset some cats. You could try them on a different one, mine like James Webeloved and Ollie.
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Well 1st of all welcome to TCS, its great here, with lots of advice and help. I am sure once our members across the world start waking up you´ll get lots of help with your question.

Anyway about the question One of my cats (he´s 12 ) sometimes bolts his food down and then promptly throws it up, but he only does that maybe once every 2 mths.

It could be the food, maybe its too rich, you mention Whiskas, which some of our members dont like as the quality isnt that good (look at the ingredients list )

Are they drinking water ok ? - dehydration can also be a problem with persistant vomitting.

If this is a constant problem, which is sound like it is, I think the best thing to do is take them to the vets - you already mentioned that you told the vet - but for a persistant problem I would like them checked over again. If it is nothing at least you would feel better about it

Anyway good luck and hopefully you will know soon whats going on

Keep us posted
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Thanks for the quick answers guys

Anakat - unfortunately not in the UK. Canada born and raised lol

Mooficat - I've thought that it might be the food, and we're considering switching, we've just got a stockpile of cat food atm and we don't want to waste it all. -.- Although kitten health is more important than food, money isn't very plentiful right now :/ And yes, they're drinking plenty of water. We've got 2 water feeders that hold about 1 litre each, and we fill them both up at least once a day (for the 4 cats) and I see the kittens drinking water countless times every day.

I'm pretty sure that we're going to take one of the kittens in to the vet(the one that just started recently since she's vomitting more often and in larger quantities) and see what they have to say. Hopefully its nothing. My poor little babies lol
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Hi again

the food thing drives us mad too - my cats seem to like one brand then about 6mths or so they decide - NO we not having that - and like you, I usually get a load in ! So well I usually put it to the back of the cupboard until they like that brand again

Oh well good luck with your vets visit I am sure it will make you feel tons better. Heres sending lots of & for all

Cheers for now and keep us posted !
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