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It is with deepest regret that I share about the passing of Inchy. Inchy was born on May 19th, 2006, to Pooh. He had a sister, who died within days of birth. He was especially beloved by his human Mom, Nancy, who always wanted to keep him.

He was the last born of a group of cousin kitties, and somehow within days of his birth, his tail was bit off. Thus he was named Inchy, for his inch long tail. In August, due to family responsibilities, Nancy found herself unable to care for her kittens. She lovingly placed them with Second Chance Pet Adoption, so they could be found new homes.

He joined my house a little ray of sunshine. Out of 9 kittens, Inchy quickly became the favorite of my kids. Here is a picture from those days...he was such a little guy.

Cuddling with Aunt Piglet, black cousin Toby, and the tiny kittens...

Within days, he went to live with Barb, his new foster Mom. She loved him dearly. She described him as a 2 pound kitten with the heart of a great dane. This boy was still tiny at 6 months old, but appeared to be quite healthy. Everyone who met him fell in love quickly, and many people asked to adopt him, but were turned down. Finally, a very special family chose little Inchy and took him home. He had just seen the vet, and seemed to be very healthy. Yet somehow we learned that he had developed pneumonia...he died quietly in his sleep.

His new Mom is devastated. Barb is crushed. My family is in tears. And when I see Nancy again, I will have to break the news to her....for such a little boy, Inchy sure left behind a lot of broken hearts.

I will mourn the loss of Inchy...yet in a way, he had what every kitty deserves. Love from the moment he was born, overlapping as he went to each new home and burrowed into each family's heart. What a blessing he was to each of us.

I know God did not snatch Inchy away from us, but God did welcome Inchy home. He is reunited with his sister, now, and can tell her all about how it feels to be loved by so many. He is also with a dog sibling named Kallie.

Rest in peace, Inchy. And sister kitten, and Kallie.
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Oh how very sad, what a sweetheart he looked to be, My Heart is braking now. RIP Inchy and be well and have a wonderful life there at Rainbow Bridge
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Here is another pic of 3 months he was nursing from his Aunt Piglet.
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Oh I am sorry to read about Little Inchy - how very sad, but you are right he was loved by everyone that came across him - how special he was.

RIP little one, run and play with your sister & Kallie and all the other furries across the bridge
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I am so sorry for your loss - for all of your loss.

Rest in peace and play Inchy, and rest in peace sister and Kallie.
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your so right, how wonderful to be loved by so many.

RIP Inchy - fly high little one

I will light a candle to guide you home

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Condolences to all on the sad loss of Inchy. I guess some very special little angel in Heaven needed Inchy more Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Inchy.
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Oh what a sweety. I am so sorry Inchy had to go to the bridge so soon.

Rest in Peace tiny one. Play happily.
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What a gorgeous boy! I'm so sorry he had to leave us so young RIP Inchy you were loved by many
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I am new to this site, and I really didn't think I would like cats at all , that is untill I end up with one, and not by my own chooseing. But to my surprize this cat now owns my heart. When we love any living thing it becomes a part of our hearts, when we lose that part of our heart, for whatever reasons, the pain we feel is so very real. My thoughts and prayers go with you .My all the good times that you shared with Inchy forever be in your heart
God Bless,
Sharon T.
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Sorry headbuts and tearful licks for Inchy from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Thank you, Halfpint, Mooficat, Satai, Huggles, Catsknowme, TroutsMom, KatieMae, Sharon, and KittenKiya. I'm not sure why, but it seems to hurt more with each passing day, instead of feeling better. I guess I really didn't believe it at first, and it is really sinking in, now.

Each of you taking time to offer your condolences means so much to me. Thank you.
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This came from Barb, who fostered him the longest:

"I just can't stop thinking about Inchy. I've fostered I don't know how many cats and kittens, and there was SOMETHING about him. He is inspiration for all of us -- don't be detered by any impediments, make the most of the time you have, be kind to all, and spread love, which he certainly did."

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I really like that Becky. Today was one year ago that I lost Smudge, and even though he left us, I feel like he left us with a lot more than we had before. Ya know?
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I really like that Becky. Today was one year ago that I lost Smudge, and even though he left us, I feel like he left us with a lot more than we had before. Ya know?
Wow, it doesn't seem possible that it has been a year! Smudge was so beautiful...I'm glad you have little Smudgie now. I know it doesn't replace the loss, but the extra love of a kitten does bring comfort.
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thats beautiful what Barb wrote
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo View Post
Wow, it doesn't seem possible that it has been a year! Smudge was so beautiful...I'm glad you have little Smudgie now. I know it doesn't replace the loss, but the extra love of a kitten does bring comfort.
You know, it's even been more than just getting new Smudge. It's meeting his breeder, Leslye, and another ragdoll breeder, Stormi (Familytimerags), and Danielle who helped me with my Smudge cross stitch, and all the great people on the Pregnant Cats & Kittens forum, and Jana with Smudge's Colorado Cafe, and Carol, and Jan, and Karen, and you and Bobbie, and Laureen and just everybody.

My heart is full!
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I will be meeting with Inchy's original owner tomorrow, and will break the news to her. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for posting, and for understanding how very special one little baby kitty can be!
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A short but full life... A lucky little one, and so beautiful. My condolences.
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Bless his little heart What a gorgeous little boy Inchy is

Have fun over at the bridge you little dumpling

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My thoughts go with you now, just like yours went with me two weeks ago when I lost my little Nena.
RIP little Inchy!
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Thanks to each of you for sharing your condolences. I did not see Inchy's original owner, as I was sick yesterday. I'm sure that is part of why my grief over his loss is so acute...the knowledge that I still need to tell her.

And part of it is still feeling somewhat shocked. When I first saw little Inchy, with his hind legs knock kneed, and him being so tiny, I feared for his health. But he had passed his vet checks, and was consistently healthy. His markings were so unusual, and his size kept him kittenish. And of course the little stubby tail...tucked between his legs when we first got him, because he was scared in a new situation. Soon it was held high, as he took charge of his new home.

The silliness of him nursing at 3 months old, when Piglet had newborns needing that milk. The softness of his fur. All the kitties are special, really they are. But some are like little shining stars. That was Inchy...just a very special little guy, who is greatly missed by all who loved him.

Again, thanks for taking time to post. It helps to sooth my heart to know my friends here care.
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Oh Becky, I just saw this........I'm so sorry for little Inchy.......RIP little one!
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