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Am I worring to much

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This morning Oscar woke up at 5 a.m. with a hairball. Is that something serious? We have also found out that he doesn't not like water out of a bowl but in a cup. He has 3.. He also loves to be on the laptop, can that hurt him?
I found out that my boyfriend has been giving him tuna every now and then. He has also given him 9lives. They both give him gas. Is that okay to give him when he is good.
What other treats can you suggest to give him.
Im sorry that i have so many questions. They are probably stupid but he is my child.
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Dear Ashley, Oscar, and Mom:

Hairballs aren't usually serious but you want to buy Petromalt or another similar "hairball remedy" and give as per directions; Whiskas, Pounce, and other makers have cat treats that have hairball remedy inside of them, and those are good to give as treats (see package for number) but they aren't as effective as the gel paste like Petromalt.

Tuna is okay to give maybe once per week, but a steady diet of it is not good and can cause illness in cats which can be serious or even fatal. Once a week is all I'd do. This site doesn't endorse any brand over another, I'm sure, but personally speaking, I would not feed my cats "supermarket cat food" as it is not high in quality and ends up actually costing you more in the long run (in vet visits and your cats' quality of health) than feeding a good, super premium food with "human-grade" ingredients, such as Nutro Max Cat, Natural Balance, Optimum Nature's Recipe, Cornucopia, PetGold, PetGuard, or others. I shop at Petco and another "Pet" supply store for my cats, and buy both canned and dry foods that are age-appropriate. Kittens need kitten food for their first year of life. Adults need adult maintenance or, if they become overweight or have specific medical conditions, need "Light" or weight maintenance, or a specifically formulated prescription diet obtainable through your vet. I give 1-2 oz. of tinned food twice daily, dry food free-choice, fresh water always available, and treats last thing at night.
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Hello, No question is a stupied Question, so please ask all the Questions you like. We all have thing we dont know about or just concerned about that is how we gather the info and everyone here on TCS is very helpful and kind.

Yes Tarasgirl06 said give them treats like pounce that have hairball treatment in them that is what i give my Howler.

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...and as anyone can see, Howler is one fine cat!!!
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Welcome to TCS!!

Oscar looks like a real sweetpie
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the Forums!
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