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Texas to outlaw declawing of cats?

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Almost seems impossible yet there is a candidate for governor of Texas that advocates just that and I have never ever heard of a politician EVER taking a stand like this!!


Excuse me folks, early voting has begun today...
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I think it would take a long time to say Governor Kinky without busting up laughing
From what I read though, my kinda guy, I hope he goes for it
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Glad someone is taking a stand
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They should do it everywhere
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
They should do it everywhere
I agree. I can understand if exotic owners want to get their exotics declawed considering that they can kill you in a fraction of a second but domestic cats aren't life threatening so I don't think there is any reason why they should have their claws removed. They can be trained not to scratch the furniture and if their owner just uses the quick fix then IMO they shouldn't be a cat owner. There will be many other situations where you have to work with your cat and there is no easy way out.
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I'm from TX and that really surprises me that THEY would be the first to outlaw it!! Whatevers, though! It's great! Hope they ban horse-slaughter next. That is an american tragedy. One of the only operating horse slaughter houses in the county of my hometown.
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I wish I lived in Texas, so I could vote for Kinky. He has a ranch devoted to animal rerscue that he has had for many years. He also writes a good mystery novel. His band wasn't bad either.
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I've been a Kinky Friedman fan, for thirty years and have been following his campaign, on his website. I've been joking about moving to Texas, just to vote for him
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Kinky for president!!!
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We just moved to Texas in Jan but i registered to vote as i was registered in MS and plan on voting next month-- more than likely for Kinky-- His views are in sync with mine especially with the TAKS testing (dont get me started on that crap) and this banning declawing as well as tons of other things-- He is a real threat to the bi partisan system here for the gubernatorial race. We have a Republican incumbent running (hes a PITA) a democrat (hes clueless) a independent republican (she has some good ideas but not enough to sway me) and then Kinky-- those are the 4 majors right now--

Amity in texas
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Well I think I would voote for Kinky if I lived in Tx! That is wonderful that he is wanting to ban declawing. Maybe more states will follow his example!!
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unfortunately, that one issue is not enough for me. i don't particularly like any of the candidates we have to choose from. i will say that Perry will probably win, because the people against Perry are splitting their votes among his 3 opponenents. i haven't decided who i'm voting for yet.
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It's 6:30 pm on Election Day, the votes are almost in...

It would be so great to have someone who runs an animal shelter be the Governor!
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