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Dilemma in Gadsden Alabama

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If there is anyone out there anywhere near Gadsden Alabama I need your help. Here is the situation. I am a huge cat fan, attested to by the 5 I have at home. Friday afternoon a beautiful, but very pregnant, dark gray cat with gorgeous green eyes found me and my home. I am going to run an ad in our local newspaper and post some flyers around the neighborhood to see if anybody has lost her. She is very sweet and social, only I am not capable of having another cat and eventually and extra 4 or 5. I will not take her to our humane society because I don't want her destroyed, she is worth saving but everybody I know that is a "cat person" have their limit of kittys as well. So if there is anyone out there who will or who knows anyone that would give her, and eventually her babies, a good home please contact me. I can be e-mailed at mphillips@microxl.com, just put the subject line so I'll know that your are contacting me about Ms. Kitty. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Martha, I hope we can find this beautiful kitty a home. In the meantime, please contact http://www.alleycat.org/ They might be able to advise further about no-kill shelters. I would also call the vets in the area to see if someone they know of is looking for a cat or kittens. There could be a heartbroken owner looking for her. She might have wandered too far from home when in heat. If you have no luck with that route, and no one here contacts you, keep us informed. I do hope that one of these routes helps Ms. Kitty. God bless you for taking care of her now.
p.s. Isn't it sad that people who lose their cats seldom get them back? I'm sure it's because of the breakaway collars.
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Dear Martha, hope you have found a solution by now, but I would do the following:

Keep the cat and let her have her kittens.
Handle and talk to the kittens as much as you have time for so they will be fully socialized to human beings by the time they are weaned.
Try to find homes for the kittens.

Then get the mama spayed (there is probably some animal welfare group that will do it for free or for a much reduced price) and try to give her away as well.

An alternate (not one I would opt for myself, but one can see the necessity) is to have a vet either abort the kittens or put them down when they are born. I am not able to deal with that alternative, myself, unless the female is too ill or physically depleated to survive birthing her kittens.

Hope you had some responses to your plea. It is really difficult to give away cats, because most people go blythly on believing that there will be a home waiting their beautiful kittens. But with cats often breeding twice a year, there are not enough households to absorb the huge populations. I have a happy arrangement with some vets, who spay or neuter animals for me at a much reduced fee.

Luck to you,
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If you haven't found a home for mother cat yet, it would be ideal to let her raise her kittens and then have her spayed. It is probably easier to find homes for kittens and a spayed female separately. Please let us know the final outcome. We really care what happens to these kitties. We get involved emotionally, and it's hard not to know the outcome. Personally, I have never found it necessary to euthanize kittens.
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May it always be so, Jeanie. I have had to put several hopelessly injured kittens down, but thank God not a litter. I just make more room for them. But sometimes, I guess, people feel overwhelmed, or they have personal relationships with family or mates who refuse to cooperate in a rescue...although I wouldn't have a relationship with someone who would demand that.

Anyway, I do hope that Martha will be able to find a solution.
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