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Hey everybody - check out my little naked dude!

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My MooShoo made kitty of the day!


Isn't he the CUTEST???

The little girl holding MooShoo is Sandie's daughter Kylee, who ADORES him!
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ack!! is that a gremlin?!?!

hehe just teasing - good for you!
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What a cutie, and very gremlin like! or is is Yoda I am thinking of?? *G*
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It's Yoda; Hissy!
Donna, he is so cute. How old? I think it is funny he likes mud slides.
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I was drinking a mudslide one day and put the glass down while I went to the kitchen. I came back and he was lapping it up!! What a lush! Sphynx's are the kind of cat you either love or hate. He is pretty unique looking and draws alot of attention at cat shows. He's the best cat too! He never hisses or growls at any of my cats, even when Casey, my older male, slaps him upside the head. He just walks away. MooShoo has the best personality too. I can't wait till it gets warmer out so I can take him on walks to the park and introduce him to the ducks.

He'll be a year old on June 26. Everybody says he looks like a Gremlin or an alien.

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Dear Donna,
He's so cute...I love the Sphynx breed they're interesting little critters. Do you know a lot about them? I've only seen them at cat shows and was always taken by them...He's a beauty...he sounds so diplomatic too...lol
Take care & God Bless
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Yes Donna.....he is a sweet boy. I love to play with them and feel them, but I dont want any oriental cats. This is why I am sooooooo happy you and Rene have them...now I am just Aunt Sandie. If anyone gets the chance, you really need to touch and hold a sphynx...they are a lot different than you would think.
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Oh Donna, MooShoo is gorgeous, I love it when they are so young their ears are so huge, I have heard that when they are born that their ears are the same size they will be when they grow up & as they get bigger the ears will seem smaller. Of course, they will always be much larger than an average cats ears. I have a Cornish Rex, which is the same look, except he has the very short wavy hair. I look at his baby pictures when his ears were so huge, compared to the body. They do cause quite the stir when people see them, my cat is blue & some people think he is ugly, But to me, he is the most beautiful cat on earth.
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I've never seen an ugly cat...they are all adorable to me!! (Especially my own!!)
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about 2 Sphynxs that need to be rescued. Are you interested?
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Hey everybody - check out my little naked dude!
That is one thread title that cannot be ignored !

He's sweet!
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Where are the other two sphynx's located, Hissy? A Sphynx would be super!

[Edited by fireshoes on 04-11-2001 at 12:26 PM]
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fireshoes, I feel the same way you do, I would LOVE to have a Sphynx, I would take them both. However my Cornish Rex is going through a phase where he is losing his hair, after a couple different blood tests & finally 4 biopsys, its come back that he has Psychogenic Alopecia, otherwise known as stress. He absolutely hates one of my siamese brothers (likes the other one), this started about 3 years ago when I got the 2 brothers & has gotten worse. But I'm so attached to them all, that I cannot get rid of the one he doesn't like just to keep him stress free. Fortunately its not life threatening, just unsightly & we are doing more interacting with him to "maybe" make him feel better.
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Where is the post about the two Sphynx's? I'd like to read about it. Let me know ASAP.
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Well, everyone, Donna's naked girl is today's cat of the day. And before anyone blames me of being partial to moderators (which I am by the way ), I'll just say that cats of the day come in the order of the cat pages number.
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Thanks Anne!

Pixel finally got her 15 seconds of fame. She is now in a wonderful home with a whole bunch of special needs kitties. I miss her.
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Dear Donna,
It always makes you feel so much relieved when you know they're getting a good home... I'm very happy for you and for Pixel too
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Donna, your cat is adorable!
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