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Safe place for spraying female

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There's an ongoing problem in our house of 4 cats plus rescued litter of 5. The problem is that one of our senior cats has some bathroom problems. Samantha (the cats name) has had some territory marking issues her whole life, and that has worsened with some sudden kidney problems within the last year. She went from peeing on the mat in front of the litterbox to peeing on the carpet in the living room. While all of this is an issue, it just got worse.
Samantha has lived with cats of her own age for most of her life until about 2 years ago when my cat passed on, followed shortly by her son. The remaining cats from that era are Shadow (age 15) and Samantha (age 13). After about 8 months I brought Chester into the house (current age 2) and shortly after that Dolly was adopted (current age 2.5). The two young ones love to harass Samantha and gang up on her. Of course she absolutely hates them, and can't even stand smelling them half the time.
3 weeks ago my sister and I rescued a litter of one week old kittens. They have added unwelcome smells to the mix and Sam has graduated to hissing at the sent of them; peeing repeatedly on the mat infront of the litter pan downstairs and as of last night peed on a photo I had leaning up against a wall (sprayed actually) AND soaked a t-shirt my dad was holding a kitten in.
My current reaction is to close the upstairs off so that's the only place she can go. We have a new rug downstairs and my mom would loose it if it was soiled with urine, also it is quite difficult to clean that particular mat in front of the litterpan. We've also closed the bedroom doors so she doesn't ruin any more of our items. I'd like to bring my cat tree downstairs because I'm bringing it with me when I move out (January) and don't want to bring cat urine or a tagged place to pee with me. Unfortunately that leaves Samantha with a smaller section of the house where she's already obviously feeling cramped and insecure.
Does anyone have any ideas of finding her a safe place to be? Shes spending more and more time outside, and that helps, but the rest of the time she's spending indoors she's peeing in unwanted areas. She has a vet appointment on Wednesday to have her bloodwork done again and a re-boot of her perscriptions. Dad's going to ask about a tranquilizer.
Thanks for any thoughts or ideas,
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You know, it's recommended to have one litterbox per cat - and while it sounds like a lot (and where do you put them!), it can make a big diff. to how cats behave in the bathroom! Is there a way you can give her a box in a place of her own where she can at least feel (at first, anyhow) that it's hers - and a place where others are less likely to go much?
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