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Lisa Marie Presley

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Did you hear? Lisa Marie has a new hunka, hunka burnin love? She married Nicholas Cage in Hawaii over the weekend. The King would be proud. I read somewhere a few weeks ago that she is pregnant. I hope this works out for her and she is happy with her new family forever.
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Was that rather sudden - or did I miss something? Poor Lisa-Marie hasn't had much luck in love.

I'll seconde that - I hope it works out great for her.
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Nicholas Cage is definitely a huge step up from Michael Jackson!
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All I have to say is:

Just kidding!!! (like I ever had a chance, anyway!!! :laughing: ) I LOVE Nicolas Cage!!! I am so jealous!!

She is one lucky woman to have a guy like that....he is one of my favorite actors, and there is something about him that I find incredibly sexy, although he isn't the Brad Pitt type, he just has something about him that really attracts me to him.
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Nick Cage would be a much better daddy than Michael....

Ugh.. can you imagine Lisa Marie & Michaels children!

(bad visual)
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I remember when Nicholas Cage was talking about her on Howard Stern one morning when we were coming home from work a few months ago. That's good for her! He's such a great actor, too!
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