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Vibes for cats being spayed tomorrow

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Hey guys, can I please request some vibes for four female cats that are being spayed tomorrow? They're all from a neighborhood where I've been trying to help some folks get the stray and feral cats fixed. The woman caring for these cats treats them okay, but she's not the most reliable person in the world. So, even though I've been over all the instructions with her, told her what time I'm picking them up in the morning, returning them in the afternoon, etc...I don't completely trust her. Hope that doesn't sound terrible. Anyway, if you can spare some vibes that that we can pull this off tomorrow and the kitties make it through surgery with no problems, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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You got that Eileen!!!
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Lots of vibes for the girlies!!!!
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You bet plenty coming that way, hope everyone is fine
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Oh, yes, lots of {{{vibes}}} for four successful surgeries. And {{{vibes}}} that the kitty caregiver follows your instructions.
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Oh hopefully everything went ok for the pick up of the furries (with time difference maybe you´re still snoozing )
Anyway heres sending lots of positive {{{{{vibes}}}}} for everything to go as planned and that the kitties recover soon.
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Hoping things went/go good!!!
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Sending many good vibes {{{ }}}
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Sending lots of healthy spay vibes{{{{}}}}
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Just wanted to let you know that, to her credit, the cats' caretaker came through and had them all ready to go when I picked them up this morning.
The girls came through their surgery just fine and are now resting at home.
Thanks, guys!
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That is great news!!! Now, no more worries for those girls.
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