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found stray, sneezing

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Ok, found this cat/kitten (under a yr according to vet) about 2 wks ago. I brought her home since I noticed she was missing an eye and couldn't just let her sit there and not get treatment for it. Well last wk, she had surgery to clean out the socket and suture the eye closed. Vet tech gave a bordatella nasal vaccine since she was staying the day. This cat is also felv+. Well Saturday she started sneezing. Not often, maybe a couple times a day. Vet doesn't seemed to be too concerned about it yet. But I've been reading on feline herpes and that sounds like what caused her eye to rupture. Her remaining eye is cloudy as well. Now I'm paranoid with the few sneezes. She's not coughing, no fever, no nasal discharge, no congestion. So I don't know if the sneezing is from the vaccine (my friends dogs always get kennel cough after getting the vaccine) or if it is herpes and flaring up. She's already on clavamox 2x/day for her eye, but I'm thinking lysine to add in case it is herpes and it's flairing up again? I surely don't want her to lose her other eye. Vet did say it looked like there had been an ulcer in the remaining eye at one time.
I'm looking for the capsules versus the crushing of pills. Does anyone know if walmart carries the capsules or the tablets?

I have put her on merrick wet and felidae dry for better nutrition as well as pet tabs with iron for the possible anemia from felv.
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I dont know the answer to your question but I just wanted to say bless you for getting care for this cat.
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vlh - do a quick search on this forum for Lysine - I believe there are some members here using it in a couple of forms. That may be faster than waiting for one of them to come across this thread and posting an answer for you.

PS - you are wonderful to be taking on this poor kitty and all it's problems from being on the street. Bless you.
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that kitty is lucky to have found a good momma!
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What a kind and caring person you are! Your kitty is very lucky to have been found by you!

I have only seen the tablets at my Wal-Mart, but you might try at a health food store for the capsules.

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I bought the tablets at walgreens (buy 1 get one deals) and a pill crusher. She's eating them just fine in her wet food. Started her monday with them. Haven't seen any sneezing today and she's getting back to her spunky young self and still trying to attack my feet, ugh! She goes back to the vet this saturday, hopefully she'll get her stitches out then
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