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Do all male cats spray?

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Do all male cats spray? Our cat Tiger was altered when he was 6 months and since he sprays everything. Before he was altred there was no problem. Does it make a difference if they are fixed or not? Two vets have said he is marking his territory there is no medical problem. And I have used the enzyme cleaner-it makes no difference he just goes someplace else. Help!
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My senior Ox was 2 before he was nuetered. I got him the next day!!! He sprayed just once in the house at that time. He sprays once in a while outside but not in the house as there are probably lots of strays around. Bakker has never sprayed. Do you have any females??
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usually getting a male cat fixed before they start to spray will eliminate or highly reduce the possibilities of them spraying. In your case that didn't happen. It may be because he started puburty and have nothing to do with being neutered. If you have stray or outdoor cats that come in your yard and spray or leave they're sent he may be spraying because he wants them to leave. If that's the case you'l want to wash places that look or smell like they have been sprayed and also work on keeping other cats out of your yard. Also if you have more than one cat you must make sure each can get away from each other if necassary and each has it's own food litter box (although they still might share) and toys. If he is new he may just do it for a short period of time. If none of these seem to be the problem you should look at other posts concerning how to stop spraying and look at other websites regarding this behavior.
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