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I was wondering, if anyone here, lives in the toronto area[ mississagua,hamilton,brampton, ect.] and knows of any cheap, but good places, to get a famale kitten[about 1 year] neutered. Would be helpful.
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The only thing I can think of is the Toronto Humane Society. We had our Mika done in Georgetown but it wasn't "cheap" - the average price for our area.

You might want to try the yellow pages or Canada 411 and phone around. Unfortunately that won't tell you whether the vet is any good or not, it will just find you the cheaper ones.

Hopefully there are others here from your area that can give you some good leads.
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I will look into it. Thankyou.
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Please try to do a search on the internet...I came up with these sites but I am sure there's more. Type in free or low cost spay/neuter in the Toronto area. Make sure to show the information to your parents and ask them to help you. Talk about why this such an important thing to do for your cats. I hope they can help you. Let us know how it goes.

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