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licking and biting when happy?

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Does anyone else's cat do this? When we pet Phoebe and she starts purring, she likes to lick our arms/hands/fingers and will lick about 3-4 times and then do a very light bite (like a love bite) even while we continue to pet her. She keeps purring and will continue to follow this lick 3x, bite, lick 3x, bite pattern. I don't think I've even encountered another cat that likes to do this. Since she's not hurting us, should we try to stop the biting (I'm guessing by not petting her once she tries to bite and then ignore her)?
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I had one cat who loved to give me love bites on the chin.

I have learned that cats purr for any number of reasons, but they CHOOSE whom to lick. One of the most reasurring memories for a cat is the sense of being licked. It's their way of expressing endearment. Personally, I love it, it's just that they don't understand that their tongue is made of sandpaper.
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All three of my cats do this.
Spynx has teeth like a vampire, so his bites aren't to nice, but I don't think he intends to hurt anyone, considering, he'll come in with the licking right after.
Mischeif, well she just licks, and alot to, its quite funny and very cute.
Boots, hes new, but he purrs like a champ, so loud and for so long it will keep you up, as your trying to fall asleep, he's more affectionate than the other two, he will, rub his face againt yours, and lick and bite, and he can do this for a long time also, he just loves the attention.
So adorable.
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I think it's a grooming thing.

When my cat grooms himself I notice that he will groom himself with his tongue, then every so often will pull his teeth through his fur as part of the grooming process. So when he grooms me, he will lick me and then have a little nibble, then go back to licking.

Of course if one cat is doing this to themselves or another cat, it will not hurt, because they are covered in fur and it is the fur they are doing this to. They don't realise that without fur between teeth and skin that this can be a little painful for us!

At least this is what I put it down to. My cat looks as if he is grooming me the same way he grooms himself, using tounge and teeth.
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yeah my siamese cat Neko will get really into being petted purring and kneading with his third eyelid pulled across but then while he's still purring and stuff he'll slowly reach for my upper arm or inner thighs and he'll bite really hard and then hold on. when i try to hold him bach he pushes really hard to get ahold of my skin. One time he actually made me bleed. He does not want me to stop cause when i get up he starts bumping me and meowing really loud. I asked the Purina experts at their wedsite and they said it was petting aggression. I don't think that's what it is because he does not want me to stop and he does'nt like suddenly change, he's happy the whole time. It's kinda funny how badly he wants to bite me he will actually get up and try to get me at different angles, It makes me laugh, how desperate he seems.
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Sometimes Shenandoah gives what HE thinks are "love bites." I swat him cause it HURTS.
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Yep. Miya just licks me and bites me. I allow her to do it. It's what she knows and what she's happy with.
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Trout does that...except she actually starts with love bites, then angry bites...then hisses and then eventually forgot that she was happy and purring in the first place

Seriously, My cat is a freak.
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yep, i have 2 cats that do that. one even likes to wrap aound my arm, lick lick lick, bite, and the do the rabbit kicks on my arm, then lick lick lick lol

the heyu seems to think my ear is a kitty chew toy, as she will get on my shoulder and try to lick and nibble my ear.
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Lily and Annie do that. I just call them love bites and let them do it. I see Bagheera and Kitten doing it to each other too.
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I am glad to know this! I was afraid it was just my cat!
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wow, thanks, I'm glad to see this is normal. Our other cat never does this, he's just content to purr and occasionally head-butt if we stop petting him.
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