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Feel like a jerk

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Some of you may have been following my tale of trapping Brady, my adopted semi-feral, who escaped his 1st day home with us, and getting him used to the idea of being a pet cat.

One of the things I had been dreading was taking him to the vet. I was expecting him to fight tooth and nail (literally) so I agonized for days about whether to throw a towel over him, stuff him into a pillowcase, lure him into the carrier, etc. I ended up stuffing him into a pillowcase and was surprised and even a little worried that he did not struggle one bit.

Now that I know him better I can say that he is absolutely non-aggressive. Sure, he hisses at Sophia (Golden Retriever) when she invades his space, but heck, even WE tell her to "go on" when it gets to be too much. He is a shy boy who is curious to come upstairs but too scared. Once when I came into the room that has become "his" and he was on the bed, he got off to go under the bed and hide. Well I picked him up and put him back on the bed as if to tell him he does not need to hide. He did not mind me picking hium up at ALL. I even picked him up once and carried him all the way upstairs. He did not fight or struggle, just calmly headed back down the staircase.

I put him in that pillowcase for nothing! Probably scared him!!
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At least you took him in, and took him to the vet. That's more than anyone else as ever done for the poor guy. I'm sure he'll recover from the ordeal quickly.
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Oh, Pushylady, this boy had been born in the wild in July 2005 and some nice lady in the next town over had been feeding him on her porch. After he appeared to have been injured, he was trapped and put in the care of the local Humane Society. They vetted and neutered him. This is a group of individuals, no building or anything, so Brady was fostered for a month by a nice family.

So those people were already VERY good to him. I lost him and it took me a month to trap him. When I finally got him to the vet he had roundworm and tapeworm, probably from being outside and eating yummy mice and whatever.
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Better to be safe then sorry....I'm sure he'll forgive ya!
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I wish I could say the same for my sweet little Ferris, but the scars on my hands, arms and leg tell a different story!

I get to try to get him in the carrier again on Friday morning after a long night with no food or water for his neuter - oh joy! He's going to be SO angry with me!!!
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2dogmom - I'm so glad to hear that! It's important to be reminded that there are wonderful people out there who do look out for animals. It seems there are way too many cruel people in this world.
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