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What to do with a family "heirloom"

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Several years ago when my parents sold their house, my sis and I got a fair amount of "stuff". One piece I took was my mothers cedar chest.
While it is nice for storing sweaters its a big piece of furniture. It currently in my sewing/computer room as we have no other place for it!!
I would however like to get a small table (I have my eye on one at a consignment shop) that would be a better use of that space.
But what do I do wth the chest??? I can put the sweaters somewhere else.
But other than put the cheset in the basement I have no spot.
I've asked my sis and she doesn't want it either.
I have not asked my mom but she really doesn't have space for it either.
The only other option is to sell it and give my mom the money.
Any other options???
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Do you maybe have a hallway or entryway that is large enough for using it as a bench? Maybe a covered porch, or even in the garage? You can sit there to take off boots, muddy shoes, etc. as well as storing a spare pair inside.
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can you ask the rest of the family? or maybe tell your mom and ask what she wants to be done with it. I would not sell it without speaking to her first. It might be worth more than you think it is, and if you sell it without consulting your mom, she might get very upset. I'm betting she'd appreciate it more if you were honest with her and consulted her first. good luck.
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We have a built in bench already in the garage and a bench in the living room.
The other other option I was thinking is to loan it to one of my nieces who is expecting their third child. She could probably store baby clothes in it and she would take good care of it while "on loan". I still would check with my mom 1st!!
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