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UTI and Clavamox

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I'm new here and looking for any info I can get. Has anyone had any experience with Clavamox for UTI's? My 15 yr old kitty has a UTI and has been on Clavamox for about 4 days now, 1 ml twice a day. I read where they should eat something 20 - 30 minutes before taking the meds. Well the problem is, she's not eating. One of the side effects is loss of appetite and she sometimes vomits about an hour or so after having the Clavamox.

Is this normal and is medication still getting into her system?

Thanks in advance !
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you should call your vet. my cat raven developed an allergy to clavamox and exhibits similar symptoms if he's given it. the vet should be able to give you a medicine that will work out better.
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Thanks.... Actually, my vet just called me back. They're going to take her off the Clavamox and try a different med that she'll only need it once a day instead of twice

Hopefully, this one won't upset the tummy.
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Zoey has the same reactions on Clavamox. Good that your vet is changing meds
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Hi, I was wondering how long it took before you saw signs of improvement in your kitty after taking Clavamox? I took him to the vet today, they gave him the injection, along with pills for week to take, and he is still running back and forth to the potty tonight. Thank you!
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I would assume it would be pretty similiar to humans. At least 24 hours....your kitty should be showing signs of improvement by tommorow.
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It can take a few days ... If the tummy issues continue ASK ASK your vet about Pepcid as it is quite helpful
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