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Cats are amazing,,,,,

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Hello, I had a bad day one day, I had someone ask about Tuffy and I told his story again, so I had all those memories going, and I didn't feel very good. So during the night I was awake in bed and I started to cry a little thinking about Tuffy and other things that was bothering me. Well the next thing I know Panther had come up by me and was pawing at the blanket next to me, so I lifted the blanket and he crawled under the blanket and he turned around and he laid with his back to my chest and he rested his head on my arm and started to lick my arm with big sad eyes as if to say he misses Tuffy too.

He has never done this before, it took me awhile to figure out that because I was sad he did this. Panther plays nurse to all the other cats and did all he could to help Tuffy when he was so sick. When I first got Tuffy he had ear mites that we had a tough time getting rid of, Panther would lick the insides of Tuffys ears to try and clean the junk out of them.

Cats can be pretty amazing if one just takes the time to watch them and how they react to different things.
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You have a VERY special cat - a your own nurse :-)!
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Yes, they are amzing creatures. My Fred raised every kitten we brought home during his 18 years with us. All I had to do was leave a kit where he could find it, and he would take it from there. He handled litterbox training, introductions, grooming, and whatever a little kitten needed to learn. He even handled discipline and refereed play/fighting.
He would watch over me when I was sick, and comfort me in any crisis.
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Well I remember some instances when I was crying as a kid and my cats would be all over me. Doesn't happen much, nowadays. Now I have 2 cats - one's a lazy bum and the other's an aggressive ****
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Hi, Here is a picture of Panther taking care of Tuffy just a few days before Tuffy lost his battle with FIP. I may have posted this picture before, sorry if I did.
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That's a wonderful story, and I'm glad you and Panther had that chance to share your sorrow over the loss of Tuffy. I find cats to be very perceptive to feelings in each and in their humans. When i'm in a bad mood Rambo always acts his most crazy and ridiculous until i get down on the floor to play with him. Lucky will come and snuggle with me whenever i feel like crying.

krazykat: your fred sounds like the most amazing kitty, and i hope i someday meet a cat just like that.
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