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I feel soooo left out....(sniff)

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I am totally envious of all the neat threads you guys have going on about all the great TV shows. Boy....I cannot wait for the day that I can actually say "Hey....I watched that show too!!!". For the past 8 years, my television viewing has been limited to: Barney (that lasted 2 years...whew! It's over with) And then we moved on to Blues Clues and Sesame Street. We evolved into the world of Pokemon and Digimon for the last two years (I hate both of those shows!). And these days, we are living through: Bob the Builder, Out of the Box, Pokemon and Digimon (still....) and last but not least: Arthur and The Rugrats.

I have yet to see Big Brother 3. And have never watched Survivor either.

I know that most of these shows are on after my boys are in bed but...by the time it's time for their bed, I am too tired for TV!!!!!

Someday,....yes, someday I will participate in the Adult TV conversations. Until then....I am living in a cartoon world.

Thanks guys for keeping me up to date with all that is on TV these days!
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Do you watch Spongebob Squarepants? I love him!
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You could always try video taping some of the adult TV programs you're interested in and watching them when you're not so tired.

When my son was small, I really enjoyed watching children's programing with him. Around lunch time we'd watch Sesame Street and Mister Roger's Neighborhood. After supper we'd watch Nick At Night. One of the programs my son enjoyed on that channel was Mister Ed, which was an old TV program about a horse that talked to his owner.
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Oh, no! I'm old! I remember Mr.Ed! A horse is a horse, of course, of course!
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Hey, don't feel bad! I'll be in that boat here in a couple years!! :LOL: I have already seen my fill of cartoons just from my step-kids the past 8 years!! :laughing: Blake is almost 12, but he still watches the cartoons, although Brooke has moved on to other shows. I like it when she has the remote!! (they fight over it)

Blake watches rugrats, who might be cute, but after watching them so long, their little voices send shivers down my spine. :tounge2:

He is also a huge Spongebob fan!! I don't mind this one so bad, although it gets rather old, too after awhile. Friday nights and all day Saturday are the kids TV time...but luckily I get it in time for BB3 on Sat. night.
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The Last Resort starts tonight as well. I wonder if it will be as good as the hype surrounding it? One more hour before it goes here.
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What network is that on?? I would like to see it!
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Yep....Spongebob Squarepants is also on the list of our TV viewing! (I haven't decided what I think of this show yet...)

I have tried the videotaping the TV shows also (I forget to watch them after). I am going to make an attempt at having some TV time for me at night. So far, this hasn't happened although I do get in a half hour of News time at 6:00pm.

I am so thrilled to have some "me" time when the boys are in bed that I get overly excited and "take a bath" or grab a shower, do my nails, eyebrows and all the other fun stuff and then I take a magazine a sneak off somewhere to read.
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My fiancée mom works for Cartoon-Network (formally Hanna-Barbara). She's a cartoon checker (tough job!!)

We watch cartoon, just to see her names in the credits!

We're silly kids with nothing better to do than watch:

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I don't have any kids, but Cartoon Network is a mainstay at my house. I love Powerpuff Girls, we both like Ed, Edd & Eddy, and Courage the Cowardly Dog, and hubby has to get his Looney Tunes fix regularly.
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I guess we don't feel left out because we don't have kids and do get to chose what we want to watch. But we chose I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched (Hallmark Channel), Looney Tunes (of course!) and Seinfeld reruns. When we have time for TV, that is.
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My boys absolutely love Ed, Edd and Eddy. It took me some time to warm up to that cartoon but I have to admit the theme song is catchy. I find myself humming the toon at work at times!:laughing:

I Dream of Jeannie was my all time favorite show when I was young. And I am still partial to all the "Little House on The Prairie" reruns. (I sneak a peak on occasion. Like tonight, I got brave and snuck the remote control and watched 15 minutes of "Little House...").

I have never heard of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Can you imagine a job like a Cartoon Checker? That sounds just as about as awful as having a job as a Chocolate Sampler!:laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 These people ought to be highly commended for setting a good example and being willing to stick to such stressful jobs. Guess someone has to step up and accept these responsabilities!!! :LOL:
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Hi Whisker´s mom,
Don´t feel too frustrated you see I live in Germany and don´t have the slightest idea what people are talking about.Should I start a new thread about my favourite serieslike sweet and coarse/that´s sheltersrecommending animals)looking for a new home and Dog cat mouse etc.You see ,big difference.On top of that my TV walked out on me tonight.Well, bad luck will probably have to get a new one.So don´t despair TV isn´t everything occasionally a book is a lot better. I´ve just resd a Kathy Reichsimilar to Patricia Cornwell, very scary plus a lot of tension.Title was deja dead.So that´s it for tonight All the best Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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Elisabeth, hi! We're just commiserating with Whisker's Mom. Most of us are readers, but we also watch the Animal Planet, which deals entirely with animals, and the Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, and History Channel. Of course, I'm hooked on Big Brother, and I look forward to Survivor also. Even adults need a little chewing gum for the mind, and cartoons aren't our first choice!

Ghyslaine, I hope you don't have to watch Cow and Chicken or Catdog. I don't allow the grandchildren to watch them when they're on. I have avoided Spongebob by turning on America's Funniest Animals. Their favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo. My kids watched Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street the most. There wasn't a cartoon network then, but Saturday mornings cartoons dominated T.V. In the evening, until they became teenagers, it was Mom and Dad's turn. You don't want to know what happens when they become teenagers, G.; you're not experienced enough, so I don't know if your heart can take it!
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Elisabeth....all I do is read because I never get the TV!!! :laughing: :laughing2

Jeanie, I have seen CatDog. What is it with that show??

I am really dreading the teenage years, especially with how TV has evolved. Plus,....I am raising 2 boys. Need I say more?
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Because of my 11 year old son, I have a license to be immature........I even know the lyrics to Sponge Bob and Cat Dog!
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you needn´t be unhappy. My TV just walked out on me, so off to a shop TV is like a sleeping pill for meMore often than not my son comes to my room and switches the Tv off so that Ican go on and sleep undisturbed.Cheer up Elisabeth
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I hear you!!! But at least the new guy on Blue's Clues - Joe is worth watching!!
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G., Actually, I thoroughly enjoy teenagers. Teenaged boys are so funny, if they are gentlemen. My boys knew that I would change the channel immediately if something questionable came on. They respected me, and I believe they felt they had to protect me from foul language and blatant sexuality. That was touching, but boys are often like that with their mothers. Bless their hearts; I guess they think the stork brought them!
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