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taste test

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Once again, at great personal sacrifice, I have taste-tested two new products: Oreo Cookie Bars and Chips Ahoy! Cookie Bars. Of course, I am only doing this, as a public service.

Oreo Cookie Bars have an oblong Oreo cookie, topped with the usual cream filling. The bar is dipped in chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles. Each bar is individually wrapped, for easy portability. This chocolholic gives it a rating of 9 (of a possible 10) kisses (Hershey's of course).

Chips Ahoy! Cookie Bars are similar to the Oreos but, with a chocolate-chip cookie, topped with chocolate cream, likewise dipped and topped with mini chocolate chips. This, too rates 9 kisses.

In order to achieve a "10", these products would have to have chocolate cookie AND chocolate cream. Perhaps, when I send my review the the companies, they will pay heed to this constructive criticism.

P.S. To all candy and cookie companies: my services as a taste tester and reviewer are available, for a nominal stipend. Will work for chocolate.
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It is so good of you to test these products for us! There was a thing on FOX News a few weeks ago about a London department store looking for a chocolate tester. It paid $54,000 a year! What a job. My sweetie, being his usual tactful self, said "Gee, and you would do it for minimum wage."
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Thanks for the review!! Those both sound delicious!!
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Sounds like my kinda work... I mean, I know it'd be strenuous, but some-body's gotta do it right Cindy?? I bet the whole area of chocolate tasting is SOO under-staffed.... WHY oh WHY do we not get oreo's over here?!?!?!?! Or Hersheys!??!?!?! Its not FAIR I tell you!!! Prejudice!!!!!!!! :laughing2
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WHAT?! NO OREOS! NO HERSHEY'S! We need to send this poor,under priveleged gal some goodies!
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I saw the display for two new products here, M&Ms Cookie Bars and Snickers Cookie Bars. Unfortunately, the whole display was empty by the time we saw it. I will keep trying, though, and will give you an official review when I am able to find them again.

I didn't know that Oreos and Chips Ahoy were coming out with Cookie Bars. I better not tell hubby - he is the official Cookie Monster when it comes to Oreos!
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Yes Krazy Kat!! You're right!! I'M UNDERNOURISHED!!!!!!!!! Please, if anyone can... spare an oreo or Hershey bar and send it my way.. I like white and milk choccy best... its for a good cause!! HONEST!!! :LOL: :LOL: (can't you see, I'm wasting away!!)
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Oooo! Chocolate! I'd gladly be a taste tester.
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I live fairly close to Hershey, also known as Chocolatetown. It's a good place to take my out of town friends to when they come to visit. A few years ago, after touring Chocolate World, where they show how chocolate is made, we were approached and asked to take part in a taste test. Oh, the sacrifice we make in the name of product research. What a fun job that would be, full-time, but just imagine the clothes size you might end up in.
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