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What's your favorite kind of ice cream and treat from Dairy Queen?

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I have many favorites. even post your favorite dessert whether it's apple pie or homemade cookies.

for ice cream :

mint chocolate chip, moose tracks, tin roof sundae, neopolitan,
bubble gum (there's a little resturaunt that makes hard ice cream with
real bubble gum balls in it. it's so good! ) rocky road,
praline pecan, peanut butter cup, chocolate chip, chocolate revel, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

as for treats from Dairy Queen..

I LOVE Georgia Mud Fudge blizzards. It's really rich, but good! it has nuts and chunks of fudge in it. cookie dough blizzards, reese's peanut butter cup blizzards, heath blizzards, and so many more I am sure! and Buster Bars.. they are really good they have a whole bunch of nuts in them with chocolate. I also love klondike bars and drumsticks (the ice cream cones)

so... what's your favorite dessert, kind of ice cream, and treat from DQ if you like Dairy Queen?
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I have had 3 this week
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For Ice cream--Rocky Road
from Dairy Queen, Mocha Moolattes and Georgia Mud Fudge blizzards,occasionally I'll have a banana split.
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I like Butterfunger Blzzards!
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For ice cream I like orange sherbet, vanilla, and strawberry. For DQ treats I like Buster Bars, Dilly Bars, Peanut Buster Parfaits (when my brothers and I were little we could call them "Peanut Buster Barfaits" ), and Blizzards. We used to live beside a Dairy Queen. It was heaven!
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Good ole' vanilla bean, nice and thick, very hard and frozen on a warmed plate, drizzled with hot chocolate syrup, whip cream and walnuts, with a maraschino cherry on top. Bryers chocolate chip icecream is good too.
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Ice cream.... I love sherbert - orange and rainbow - and plain ol chocolate

DQ.... oh jeez.... I love.... butterfinger blizzards, butterfinger/peanut butter cup blizzards, peanut butter cup blizzards, oreo blizzards.... ok, I love them all, but they all HAVE to be made w/ chocolate ice cream, or I won't eat them
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I like fudge sundaes with NUTS! Mmmmmmmm, I will not eat a sundae without NUTS on it. I love the NUTS!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I like fudge sundaes with NUTS! Mmmmmmmm, I will not eat a sundae without NUTS on it. I love the NUTS!
You don't like nuts, do ya???

My fave from DQ ia the Peanut Buster Pafait I LOVE those things!!! My fave ice creams in general are chocolate chip, not mint and chocolate peanut butter cup, I also like strawberry, but only if there are those big chunks of strawberry in it
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You have so many different ice-creams to us here in England. Its so not fair. I have never heard of the flavours you mention. Maybe someone can tell me what Rocky Road is. I remember in an episode of Friends(great show) Joey mentions some of them, so i would love to know what they are. What flavours they are i mean.
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No DQ anywhere near me. Never had it!
It's just like Lowes and Shaws. For some reason I live in some kind of "hole" where none of these things show up. An hour to hour and a half in any direction (N,S,E,W) and I can find all 3. You'd think the corporate headquarters of these places would notice the big empty spot on the map of their store locations.
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Another vote for peanut buster parfaits here

except I rarely really get that... there's no way I can even come close to eating the whole thing without feeling sick
instead, I usually get a small chocolate sundae with peanuts added. It's the same thing... just smaller
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Here in Canada Dairy Queen doesn't have ice cream. They have this stuff they make with a powder that they call ice cream though.
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Lately I get Mocha moolattes. I'll have to try the Georgia Mud Blizzard though.
DH gets blizzards too. But we have their foot long hot dogs (make mine chili cheese please).
As for other ice creams-there is a local custard place that has some awesome daily flavors (turtle cheesecake!) or for all the chocolate lovers the Seven Seas in which the "Seas" is actually "C" for 7 types of chocolate!!!
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Ice cream - chocolate chip (with and without mint), Choc. chip cookie dough...

Dairy Queen - chocolate soft serve, chocolate dipped vanilla soft serve, or a choc. chip blizzard

I recall Rocky Road is chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts. (I'm not big on marshmallows.)
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I love peanut Buster Parfaits. Most of the Dairy Queens closed here and I am hard-pressed to find one sometimes.
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