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Worried -- how often should cats use the litter box?

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I just brought home my kitten, and he is supposed to be litter trained, yet it's been about 10 hours and he hasn't gone to the box once. I've been with him the entire time practically, so I know he hasn't gone anywhere else either. Is this normal? I keep putting him in the box (that is when he isn't asleep) but he just hops out again. Please help asap!! Thank you so much!

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Is he confined to one room right now? How old is he?

Here's my suggestion in case you are not doing it already.

New kittens should be confined to one room, put litter box and food in there. Typically this is the bathroom. Make sure there is a place to sleep. If he uses the litter box then wa la..He is trained.

Cat's are usually uneasy and don't feel confident in going potty right away in a new environment. So just give that time.

Also depending on age. I want to say 2 month or younger. Kittens should never have the run of the house. They forget where there litter box is. Slowly but surely you can move up to bigger rooms, and unsupervised. So when you are away/sleeping lock them in a room.
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Thanks for replying so quickly. He is confined to one room and I've shown him where his food/water, bed and box is. The box is as far away from the food as possible and he's eaten and slept already like a champ.

I was worried about the type of litter I'm using. I bought Worlds Best because, well I'd read that it really was the best.. But I'm wondering if maybe the smell is throwing him off.. Might he not recognize it as litter?

He's about nine and a half weeks old.
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Put him in the box, hold his front paws from behind and 'walk' them a couple of times in the litter so he knows what it's for. Then leave him alone - cats in new locations can 'hold' it even for a day or more if stressed.
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Originally Posted by caitlin york View Post
I've been with him the entire time...

Perhaps it is a good idea to leave him alone and let himself get adjusted to the new place at his own pace. I can understand your excitement. He may be litter trained but it is also possible he prefers privacy when going to the toilet.
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When I first got my kitten Chase he was nine weeks old. He is now 14 weeks old. He also went a good amount of time without using the litter box. Luckily we got him from a lady who works at a vet and she said it is common because there is so much change and they can be nervous or a little stressed at the transition. We brought him home in the evening and were told if he went into the next afternoon without going we should take him to the vet or call to see if there was something they could give him to help him relax and go. He ended up going to the bathroom that night and has been perfect with using the litterbox ever since.
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Thanks so much for your relpys! He's successfully peed in his box!
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