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A month of ongoing vet visits

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Hello I am new here, but find this site great and very informative.
My Gorgeous cat Mylo has been in and out of our local animal hospital now for over a month.
Symptoms are similar to that of trying to expel a furball, then after the poor little guy gets done with this he then seems very agitated and has breathing problems and starts panting. after the vet gives him a shot containing an anti-inflammatory, pain killer, and i think steroid he responds very quickly. but they still cannot tell me what is wrong.
they have even opened him up and checked him thoroughly with no results telling us why he is suffering this problem.
as you know vets are expensive my cat being unwell is distressing enough without my vet not being able to diagnose Mylo. has anyone else ever had a similar problem with their beloved kitty.
Gold Coast, Australia
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Oh poor little guy! Don't really have any experience with it, but I'm wondering if it's maybe asthma. Since he responds to the steroid shot, that might be something to ask your vet.

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Hello Stephanie,
Thank you for your quick reply, yeah I think asthma might be a possibility, I will ring my vet asap as poor Mylo is at the Animal Hospital as we speak.
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Welcome to TCS!

I"ve not had any experience in this area either, but want to send {({({({({(Get Well Vibes)})})})})} for Mylo and supportive for you.

We have quite a few here that have cats with asthma and a wide range of experience in many things. There probably won't be much in the way of responses tonight, but I'm sure you will hear from others tomorrow as the day gets rolling. (most US folks are snoozing right now)
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hello and a warm welcome from Spain.

Oh am I sorry to read your post, how upsetting for you all (kitty included )

Like the other posts my 1st thought was asthma, but I have not experience this, so unfortunately cannot offer any comments. As Tru mentioned most of our other members will be snoozing and I am sure you will get some replies soon.

For the moment heres sending lots of get well soon {{{{{vibes}}}}} to Mylo and big hugs for you

Keep us posted and good luck !
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