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Today we got our second Egyptian Mau

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For those of you who remember....a while back I posted that we were going to get another kitten from the breeder that we got Amaudeus from. Well.....today she came home with us She is actually a half-sister to Ami as they had the same mother. Her name is Echo and she is a Smoke Mau. She was born on Feb. 1st of this year and has been on the show circuit until two weekends ago. She is such a sweetie.....we put her in our bedroom and closed the door so that she can familiarize herself with the smell of our other cats without being overwhelmed........so far.......so good. She had a *very little* exposure to our other cats when she first got here and kinda hissed a little....so we will take it slow. Our daughter actually got a kitten from the breeder at the same time and he is a smoke also...but a male. The breeder said to get some Gerber Chicken and Gravy baby food and she will be in your lap.......immediately as that is what they fed her on vet trips and after leaving the show ring. They hit the nail on the head with that I will post some pictures.....when she feels more at home than she does now but I have a feeling that it won't take to long. I must say that she is absolutely adorable and I think that she is gonna be a "Daddy's Girl"

Winter Hawk
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CONGRATS on the new baby!!

Are you gonna make us BEG for pics?!?!?!?
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I can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Troutsmom........No.....of course not. I just want to let her get a bit more adjusted.....but if all else fails, I can get out the "chicken and gravy"...Huh?

Winter Hawk
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She sounds lovely. Can't wait for the pics! I hope the introduction process goes smoothly.
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Oh I bet Echo is just beautiful ..... Im sure the intros will go smoothly. I, too will be waiting for the pics of this lovely baby girl....
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Can't wait for pics!! Congrats on the new baby.
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You have two E Maus now? So unfair! And one is a show girl? I want one too!!!! Please thank your breeder for the gerber chicken and gravy tip - I must try that out!

Anyway, I am enviously congratulating you on your new addition!
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O.K.....I got one decent shot this evening. It is going to be so hard to get good pictures of her with her white under-coat and black tipped hair.....let alone the spots.....BUT.....rest assured I will get some.......eventually. Here is the link.


Winter Hawk
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I saw Echo's picture.
She is a beauty.
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