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People make me so mad!

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We had this dog come in two days ago at work as a stray. There was absolutely no reason for this dog to have been in the condition she was in.

Little dogs do not stay lost for very long. People who see a small breed dog running around will go pick it up! People just love em!

This dog was sooooo dump. We have named her snoop dog. Here are some pictures of what she looked like when she came into the shelter, and her "shave down". She was traquilized before they did it. She feels a lot better now, and will be going up for adoption soon.

There are nine pictures in the album, so take a peek at them all. It's a before and after kind of thing. However, note on picture number 7,that is her "Pelt". She was one big matt!


Oops my bad..I meant to put this in the General forum section! If you can move this thread mods I would appreciate it!
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Poor little pup. Good thing you guys were able to help here.
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Oh my goodness poor Snoop Dog. I hope her skin heals quickly and someone takes her that will love her forever.
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OMG, some people! I'm glad that she was picked up and made her way to you guys. Hopefully, she will very soon find her forever home and start living the life that she deserves!
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poor wee doggie. She looked like a little sheep being shorn. I saw a case like that on Animal Rescue.
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Oh my, the poor thing.....thank God you could help!
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She will be okay. We will find her a good home. It reminds me of this dog that came into our shelter that we named Bailey. Once again the dog was in horrible condition. When Bailey was placed up for adoption we called people who had a requested a small breed dog. Everyone who came into look asked "You called us for this?" So Bailey sat in our shelter for about a week.

Then one day a woman came in and I tell you it was love at first site. About four months later she brought Bailey in. I didn't even reconize him.

I have before and after shots of him too. That is what gives me hope for Snoop dog. lol

There are only three pics in the album.
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Wow that poor doggy, glad everything is better now.
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Aww Bailey looks like a real sweetheart. Who could've turned him down?
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