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Can they see?

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I was just in the cats room and was so taken aback that I almost cried. Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of little Nauti travelling on to the bridge. She is buried near the bird feeders that she enjoyed watching so much.

Just a moment ago, every cat of the Jellicle Tribe was sitting in the window facing the bird feeders, perfectly quiet, staring off into the dark.

Nauti is short for Nautical, because she was born to a feral mom in the engine compartment of a winterized speedboat. She was tiny and sickly, and was allergic to everything. When her mom and siblings left to go on their way, she was left behind because her tummy was too swollen for her to walk very well. I was finally able to use food to get her out of the boat, and too a vet. We worked our way through the allergies and the food issues, and she was with us for 3 very fun years. Then one day while I was at work, something caused her allergies to react, and she passed away sitting on her window table.

This was going to be the first year that I just try to let it pass, but seeing the whole tribe sitting there so peaceful and quiet, almost like in reverence, just got to me. I miss my little Nauti.
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This is one thing that I do believe very strongly in, cats do have some sort of sixth sense, I have no doubt that the Jellicle tribe could see Nauti come back for a visit. I'm so sorry for your loss, Mike, the passing years never make it easier, do they?
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Aw, how lovely that the tribe took a moment to remember their friend! Festie started laying with her arms outstretched after her sister Mattie passed...I never remember seeing her do it before then. It is the position Mattie was in when she was PTS (for FIP). Festie did it to me again today, laying on my lap she outstretched her arms. Its almost like I will never totally lose Mattie, so long as Festus remembers her.

Condolences on your loss. I'm sure Nauti and Mattie and all the other lovely kitties are having a ball over in heaven. They have no idea how much they are missed, because they know we will join them soon enough.
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