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Biting problems?

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My male cat seems to have a thing for biting people. He bites all the time.. when we are playing, sitting and I pet him, when hes mad...whenever he can get his mouth to your hand, arm, wrist, leg whatever! I dont know what to do to get him to stop, because he bites guests that come into my house when they pet him... is there something I can do to make him stop doing this?
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Hi Alieneater... what an interesting name
How old is your boy? My cat is four and she used to bite all the time. It is a lot better now, but every once in awhile she seems to forget. I am not a fan of any sort of punishment or a water bottle, so perhaps I may be the wrong person to give any advice! Cats hate loud noices if you could yell No... or clap your hands they tend to run away. When Lily would bite I would lock her in the bathroom until she settled down but I was too much of a pushover and it wouldn't last anymore than 30 seconds. Sometimes I will hold her head down. I was told by my vet, when she bites to hold her head down on the ground. That way I am taking the power away from her and giving to myself. I tried it once, but couldn't do it. I felt like I was hurting her

However, your kitty may be in some sort of pain and lashing out by biting. You may want to take him to the vet! Good luck, hopefully someone else may be more help.
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I don't know his whole history, but it sounds like he may have some issues. Is he acting aggressive when he does this? Does he break skin? I have a few biters, but they are not acting aggressive. It is their way of showing effection. I broke them of it by making a loud noise and giving a firm no. It took ahwile, but when I would do that and the pets would stop, they got the idea. If it happens all the time and generally your hands you could try some bitter spray when you know he is going to come to play and bite.
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I had a cat who used to bite aggressively...until I had him neutered. Then he was fine. Now I just have a cat that play bites. I tried holding his head down when he did it, too, but I couldn't do it either. Good luck.
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The biter is 6 years old. He had some dental problems when we got him, and we thought that it was the root of the problem, but once we had his teeth fixed he continued to bite. The aggressiveness depends on when hes biting. If he is biting you because you stopped petting him, or he wants to be petted, the bite is strong and hard, but quick and doesnt break the skin. If he is mad and he bites, he often bites and grabs the arm, hand or whatever with his front paws and starts clawing with his back. I have had quite a few scratches from this. He bites strangers when he gets in their lap, he bites my boyfriend when he lies on the floor, and he bites my brother when he tries to play with him. Like I said before, the lady who had him before used him as a mouser and kept him locked in the basement, so he also has issues with closed doors, but hes getting over that. I just wish he would stop biting so often. =)
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Wow... sounds tough. My cat used to be somewhat the same way. She would attack anyone for whatever reason. She bit my grandfather once for sitting in "HER" rocking chair. My brother refuses to cat sit for her if I go out of town. Loud noices seemed to work and a loud firm no. Then I walk away from her and ignore her as long as possible. She seems to get the hint and cannot wait to be back in good with me. However, she still does attack every once in a while, mostly if there is a quick movement or she is just feeling a little "pissy"... LOL.

Good luck, I wish I had more answers for you! Sure am glad that you have him now instead of him being locked in a basement.
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It sounds like your 6 year old still plays like a kitten. I have a few who do that but only when intensley playing. You might want to try gentley scruffing him and turning him the other way, give a quick pet and let him go. If he keeps going to bite, keep turning him the other way. They usually learn that it gets them nowhere to nibble.
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I am also having a biting problem with my 3 year old house cat. 4 months ago i had her declawed due to severe shredding of furniture and door facings. she would bite from time to time before this but now it is worse. she does not break skin but does hurt! she does not bite anyone but me and my husband due to the fact that she hides when strangers come in the house. i have ignored her so far when she does this and only withdraw attention. she sometimes bites after being loving and other times bites while chasing my legs and being playful. we have had her since weaning and have never played rough with her or physically disciplined her. she gets a tremendous amount of attention and sleeps with us so I am puzzled.
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Unfortunatley the reason she is biting is because she was declawed. It is natural for the cats once they loose their claws to find other ways to release stress. Clawing is natural for cats, it is soothing and helps to shed dead nails. Many cats who are declawed end up with some behavioral problems. I would try some of the suggestions posted here on the site.
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