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Newest member of our family

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Introducing.....Sweetpea! Actually, we have had her for a month and just wanted to be sure that she would fit into our family. She was going to be put to sleep (long story) and I rescued her. My husband grumped around a bit when I showed up with another cat (we already have one, a 9 year old cornish rex named Bijou) but he eventually warmed up to her. We are SOOOO happy. She fit into our family perfectly. The two cats are still fighting, but that is improving with time. I hope they end up being good friends. Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of our new little girl.

In all of her glory:

She looks like she could be on a greeting card!

Both cat's like to hang out on top of the monitor. Notice the streaks down the front from them going up and down. Yuck!

I just had to put this one in because she looks so goofy!

Can you believe that this beautiful cat was one day away from being put to sleep? I'm SO glad that we took her. She is probably the sweetest cat that I have ever owned.
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oh she's beautiful! congrats!
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Wow, Sweetpea is beautiful!!! I love her mitts and the streak down her nose - so dramatic! Congrats on your new addition.
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Oh she's beautiful for sure and no way would I want to beleive she could have been PTS, Thank You for rescueing her from that That would have been terrible unless she were sick and she doesn't look sick to me
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Oh my goodness!! what a beauty...bless you for taking her in when she was going to be PTS I'm sure she is turning out to be a wonderful addition to your family
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She is a beautiful girl!! You have to stop and ask yourself WHY would something so beautiful be PTS.I know I did with our three Calicos!
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Awwww! She's gorgeous! I love her little white paws! She's lucky you came along and gave her a new loving family
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What a gorgeous girl!!

She's so lucky you rescued her!
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Sweetpea is just gorgeous How old is she? Bless you for saving her life.
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