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Soooo busy!

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Oh my lordy I have so much on right now.

I've just started at the gym, so trying to get there before work and have to be there by 6/6:30am to get a session in and be at my desk by 8/8:30.

I work full time, and have been doing 10 hour days this past week or two because it's just so busy and a little stressful at the moment.

Doing a Bachelor of Business externally, so studying when I get home from work. My first end of semester exam is on November 6, and the second on November 22, so trying to finish all the coursework so I can start revising.

The good news is as that we're heading back to Australia on November 22 (yes same day as the last exam - that day's going to be stressful!!). We'll be there for 2 weeks (and it's going to be summer there of course!), and are spending 5 days on the Barrier Reef having a very belated honeymoon. My mum and her partner are thinking about joining us there for a couple of days as well which would be awesome as my mum and I are really close, her partner John is an awesome guy, and DH gets on really well with mum and John. We've also got the rest of the trip planned, so we get a couple of days in Sydney catching up with friends and my cousin and her family, a bit over a week in Brisbane (including the Barrier Reef trip) catching up with DH and my families and friends, including seeing my new nephew for the first time, and seeing DH's grandma for her 90th birthday, then a couple of days in Canberra catching up with a heap of friends.

I'm so excited about the holiday, and gee I'm going to need it after the next crazy month!
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Hope you have a great time, I'm heading back to Adelaide Dec 10 and will also be seeing my nephew for the first time
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