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Moofi - Week 3 Update

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Here she is with the dreaded collar on !

None of the local vets stock the soft/fabric collars so we are stuck with this for the duration of her recovery !! I take it off at meal-times and if she mouches over to the cat-lit box.

Anyway, I am still seeing the vet - every Mon, Wed and Fridays, so off tomorrow. The inner membrane and inner eye-lid have all reduced really well and the last thing we are now working on it the eye-infection. Shes back to her usual self, but of course, we are not letting her out as yet.
Its driving her mad cos, well, she obviously feel well.

She looks fairly relaxed on this photo and its the right eye, so you cant really see anything.
So vets at 10am tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we are finished with the tablets

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She looks like she is getting used to wearing this collar. I remember yrs ago when Ox had to wear one-he had unknown wound on stomach and surgery just in case it was a gunshot wound (no bullet/no exit wound). He didn't seem too bad with it as he wore it to prevent licking and pulling out his incision and drainage tube!!
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Miss Moofi is lovely. Glad she is feeling better.
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Awww...just look at how precious Moofi is.
I am sending lots of positive, calming vibes that all goes well at the vets tomorrow.
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Glad things seem to be moving in the right direction and your little sweetie is less stressed by the #^%#*#^&^%&#% collar. She does seem to be taking it in stride. I'll have my fingers and everything else crossed for your vet visit tomorrow.
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