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Teeth Brushing Gel

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Has anyone heard of GlenHaven gel for cats? Yesterday during my kittens check up and last set of shots. The vet gave us GlenHaven gel to use on their gums after we brush their teeth. She said their teeth look good (we started brushing daily just three weeks ago), but now she wanted to try this gel. Mak is ok, but as she put it "Sarah will be the problem child" with her teeth. Her gums were a bit red. She said they did look better with the brushing, but she wanted us to use the gel as well.

I did a search but it can't find it. We haven't tried the gel yet, but I'm still trying to research it first before using it.
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Oh, how interesting, but I am sorry to say I have not heard of it

I see you already did an internet search, dont know what you did the search on, but sometimes I find things by putting something a bit broader, you know maybe like

Cat dental health or pet hygiene products

(sorry if you already tried these ! )

it can take a bit longer plowing through all the list but you get there in the end.

Well anyway, maybe someone else has seen or used it, so good luck
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Thanks . I'll try a broader search, usually by putting in the product name on 1800petmeds or Drssmithandfosters. I'll get something. But all I get are dental wipes, pastes, etc. I'll try a broader search term. I think this gel is similar to what some people on here use.
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When Miss Arizona had a cleaning last year, the dental person sent us home with a product called Ora-Vet gel. Is it something like that?
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Yes, I think it is similar to Ora-Vet gel. It sounds like it does the same thing. I'm curious what are or if there are side effects. We haven't used it yet, because we didn't want to stress them out too much. We brushed their teeth tonight and maybe tomorrow night we'll brush and use the gel. Thanks for the link. I'm going to check the site out some more.
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The only side effect I noticed was that she refused to let me use it on her.
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