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Odd kneading behaviour

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I have noticed that Wellington has very strange movements when kneading. He kneads away with his front paws but every few moments his back legs sort of twitch and it is almost as if he is trying to spray, though nothing comes out (sorry if this sounds gross). He only ever does it when kneading on me, usually when I am lying down. I do not think I have ever seen this before, and certainly the girls don't do it. I cannot remember ever seeing or at least noticing, a male cat do it either. Does anyone have anything similar in their experience, and what does it mean?
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My male does something similar. He will begin kneading me with his front feet, but the back legs are crouching down and he is dancing with his back feet. I think he is masturbating. Is this beastiality, because when I am on my stomach in bed, and he does it on my back, I love it! He has never ejaculated, thank heavens. Otherwise, I am a very good meomy
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I didn't like even to suggest this in a post, though it had occurred to me! He often does it when I am lying on my back and he straddles one of my legs, kneading away at my knee with his front paws. It is funny, I have only recently noticed this behaviour, but he is 18 months old now and I can't believe he has only just started it. I do not remember Napoleon doing it. What will our cats get up to next?
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Yes, Tibby does this almost on a daily basis! He has his favourite green cardigan that gets most of the 'action' () but he does give me a go at times!
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Two of our males do it as well... guess it is more common than I thought.
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Fortunately only one of my three males does this. I hope the others don't get any ideas.
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Our Ebony loved our daughter's little bunny slippers. His eyes would glaze over and it was like he couldn't hear you when you spoke to him.
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I am used to the glazed eyes and the total concentration bit - it is the movement of the hind quarters that is new!
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Ok thank god Saki doesnt do this LOL.
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