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Help the dogs and cats of Greece!

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Dear Animal Lover.

If you have ever been on holiday in Greece, you are bound to have come across the many stray cats and dogs, begging for food at tavernas, following you back to your hotel. You may even have come across litters on rubbish dumps, or in plastic bags. Thin, neglected and ill animals hungry and thirsty by the road side. And of course much worse: poisoned animals - a favourite way of disposing of unwanted strays in Greece.

Athens, Greece will be hosting the Olympics 2004. It is feared that the number of poisonings will increase in this connection or that the strays will be homed in shelters with little hope of adoption due to their numbers.

We would like to encourage the Greek Government to solve the problem of the ever-increasing stray dog and cat population in Greece by implementing a nation-wide spay, neuter, release and identification program; an educational program on responsible pet ownership; enforcing existing animal protection laws. This is by far the cheapest solution available.

Please sign this petition to encourage the Greek government to act in a humane way.

For non-html mail clients, here is the complete URL:


Also find the PAW Greece Olympics page here:

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This has been an ongoing problem in Greece for many years. I am glad that the Olympics has placed this shameful fact of life in Greece out in the open. I hope each of us takes the time to let the Greek government know how horrified we are about the brutal and completely unreasonable way they treat the country's animals.
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I have signed the petition; it took seconds. I was no. 7860. (I believe that's exact.) Please join me, Anne, and people from many different countries in saving the lives of these strays. Read the petition, and I'm sure you'll want to sign. You can do so much good in such a little bit of time.
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Please sign this. It's so pointless to cause hurt and suffering when it can be remedied so easily.
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Definitely a worthwhile petition. I'm amazed the numbers aren't jumping up more...I would think that people would be as concerned about this as the BBQ incident. After all, that was 1 kitten, this is thousands.
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You're so right, Heidi. We could save thousands of lives, and it takes such a little bit of time. What a shame.
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Thanks for posting those petitions, Anne. How sad.
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