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cat is sick

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My cat started vomitting 3 days ago and he has not been able to keep his food down. I havent noticed any new activity in his liter box either. Is there any one out there with advice for this. I hate to see meow meow like this.
Thank you for any help you can offer.
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Sukie....when kitties stop eating and pooping, it is a life threating emergency.
Please take your precious kitty to a vet immediately.

Welcome to TCS ....
please let us know how Meow Meow is doing.
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Welcome to TCS. This is a great site, with lots of information, but I think no one would be able to diagnose your cat safely. It could be so many things including a complete intestinal blockage, and I think you really need to get him to a vet as soon as possible to diagnose the cause and offer somne treatment. From what you say, it could be serious, as cats must eat in order for their livers to function properly, and if they don't, then permanent damage, leading even to death, can result. Please take him in and let us know what the vet says.
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If your cat has not been able to keep anything down for three days, he/she needs to see a vet immediately. Cats dehydrate very rapidly and that can become a severe medical emergency. Please call your vet and at least talk to him/her about the situation.
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I agree, take Kitty to the Vet NOW. If he hasn't been eating or pooping, there is something wrong.

Good luck.
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Im just going to reiterate what everyone else is saying, so you will know that this is an emergency situation. You need to seek attention for your cat, ASAP! Please keep us posted as to what the vet says.
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Please give us an update on your angel!
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