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How many is too many?

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I know this has probably been asked before.But, thought I'd ask it any ways.
How many cats is too many for you?
How many do you have?
names & approximate ages
I am at my limit!!!
Anymore than 5
I have 5
Blaze is 1 1/2
Corwin is 5 months
Lilly is 4 months
Sapphire is 3 months
Mia is 2 months
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I wouldn't ever want to put an absolute number on this. We have three and it's a comfortable number for us. I would consider more, in the right circumstances, but what are those circumstances? I don't know. Cross that bridge when we get there.
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I cannot vote on this poll - too few options...I have 10 with two litters coming, another aby male and two more aby females coming hopwfully before february of next year!

My current cats are:

Stevie - 2 yrs 2 months
Reecie - 2 yrs 1 month
Gpop - 8 years 4 months
Lou - 17 months
Donny - 1 yr 8 months
Tuah - 4+ years (I think, he's my rescue)
Dodo - 10 months
Tam tam - 1 1/2 years (maybe, she was catnapped by my mom from the wet market)
Mocha & Milo - 2/22/06 - so that makes them7 months or so

I had 14 in the beginning of August this year. I should be at 20 or so by February of next year so, at the moment, the sky's the limit!
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I think as many as you can handle-both financially and physically-is fine with me Think of Katie and all her wonderful FLV kitties! And she has 13!

I have one named Oscar and he is 4
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For me my limit would be 3...so that means that somewhere down the road (in a couple of years maybe) I will have to add to my fur family
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I would love to add to our fur family, but at the moment we are stretched for space with 4, but once we move we will probably add a kitten to the family (he says puppy I say kitten!)
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Uh......I don't know!

3 was going to be it....but then a co-worker friend called to tell me that he'd found a nearly starved buff kitten on his cattle farm, trying to gnaw pieces off a feed block made for cattle. That's how Rumpleteaser came to live with us, and it became 4.

4 was going to be it....but then they opened a railroad boxcar at work, and a tiny little red and white kitten, that had been inside for at least the 6 day ride, was waiting at the door, and he promptly demanded the turkey sandwich that our production planner had in her backpack. That's how Skimbleshanks came to live with us, and it became 5.

5 was going to be it....but then the bonded pair of cats that I'd been sponsoring at the shelter went past the 3 month mark, and they told me that they would either have to be adopted out separately, or sent back to the old shelter and put back on the countdown clock...but since I'd already paid half their adoption fee, and they were spayed and up to date on shots.....
Thats how Peanut Butterum and Sassy Sasparilla came to live with us, and it became 7.

7 was going to be it....but then I volunteered to work at the shelter's "adoptathon", on local public television. Thats where I met Trace, the smashing white, 3 legged boy with the heart of gold....and also heard the little girl call him "icky" because of his missing leg. Duh, you guessed it. That is how Trace Tumblebrutus came to live with us, and it became 8.

8 is going to be it!

To be continued.......
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Yep, should be another option to vote for - "It depends". We have two now, but about 20 years ago we had over 30 at one point (we were in the country until the suburbs started closing in. ).

I'm still a bit sad I had to turn down taking in one of Ari's littermates whose human gave him up. (For all the wrong reasons, IMO. He did find another home, thank goodness! )
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I said 4-7 just because I personally could never afford having that many...I think 2 would be my max.

Ideally, I would have alot more, but I can't imagine affording it...maybe I'll meet a cat loving husband who will tolerate me being a crazy cat lady
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I have two, but 6 years ago i had 21 cats.
I think it depends on money, and space issues.

I know if i had a big house again with a huge garden id foster.
I guess that can wait, maybe one day ill marry a rich guy and i can be a stay at home mum! Then i could take in more kitties
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At the moment, it is 2 - I have gone up to 3 permanents twice, the first time nearly crippled me financially, the second didn't, but both times it was only for a couple of months, so (stupidly or not), I decided that I am not destined to have 3 cats. When you add in fosters, my comfortable limit is 5, but I have spent a large amount of last year and this year at 6, which is slightly above!! Have had 7 for a couple of nights occasionally, but wouldn't like to do it for more than that.
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I voted 4-7, although i agree with needing a 'it depends' option. I only have two right now, but only because I'm a renter, in a large apartment complex (prefer those to smaller rentals because if something needs fixing it gets done MUCH faster), and they only allow two pets. Most only allow two. There was one that said they allowed 4, but i never heard back from the manager dude... idiot. I'd have paid to live there... man oh man... kinda like an artists colony building...

That all said... someday when I own my own place, it'll have tons of space and hopefully a room all JUST for the felines... so I definitely want more! I think 4-7 is a good number... keeps them all social and busy... though I do think they'll be banned from my bedroom at that point... either that or I'll have to have a CA King bed... just for me and the cats...
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I voted 12 plus - but only because there wasn't an option that said "no more than you are able to afford to care for."

If I had 12, I'd have to move out into a tent in the back yard, LOL...
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I said 8-11, but I think it all depends on space. I can't imagine ever having 8 cats, but I could certainly imagine 4 or 5 cats once we get a decent size house.

I think one per family member is a good number.

And we all know that there's a formula to the amount of cats we NEED. The amount of cats we need = n+1, where n is the number of cats you currently have
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3 - we have 2 now (Harley 1, Davidson 5 months) and when we move into our own home someday - we will be adding another to our fur family (plus a dog!)
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I didn't think to add one that said it depends on the circumstances.SORRY!!!
Physically,finacially we are at our limit.But, if for some reason there is a special kitty that needs us,then we would add also.
I just can't imagine taking care of 6 cats.
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just as long as you can afford to care for your cats, I don't see any problem with how many cats you have. same that goes for dogs. I have 2 and that's my personal limit..it's not like I don't like cats, I DO love them but I have my hands full with 4 dogs and 2 cats anyways. besides Miagi and Tiger are the only cats I have ever had in my whole life and I adore them very much and wouldn't give them up for the world. they are so very special to me and I am blessed to have them in my life.
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I have 5 cats and would love to add another one in the near future. As soon as I help Tino and Ducky work out their new found hate for each other I wouldnt mind having 10 cats total. But my cats are Mother and her children and Ive always been concerned how they would accept a "new" member to the family, especially since Easy doesnt seem to like cats, period. But we will see how it goes, if Im able to add another one successfully, I will just go from there.
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I dont think I better follow the 'one per family member' rule, as I live on my own!!
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Thats a difficult one !

For me it would it depend entirely on the character of the cats in occupation at the time, the size of the house and bank balance

For us our 4 is the maximum, purely because i dont believe that my current tenants would be happy with any additions despite what i may be able to cope with both financially and living space.

We have had Tigger for 3 weeks now and things are going ok but any more would be pushing Jaz, Jake and Izzy tolerance levels to the limit.
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Blaze hates kits and other cats.So, that is also a concern for me.I don't want to aggrivate her more than she already is.
For the most part,she ignores them and stays as far away as she can.
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4 would be too many for me!

I have just one right now (although I live in the same house of one other)
I wish I could have mroe, but because I'm young and can't yet get a job, I don't have enough money to support two cats!

Willie is my little one, and he is almost 8 months old!
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Right now we have 4 cats and 1 dog in a 2 bedroom apartment. It is too many, because we have to keep the 2 kittens separated from the dog until he gets used to them, which means they have to be in our bedroom. Since I'm allergic to cats, this has been hell for me, because I just can't escape the dander anywhere. Plus, anyone who has tried to sleep in the same room as kittens knows it's pretty well impossible to get a full night's rest. If we had more room, it'd be better, though. But 4 is my limit. No more cats.....especially since ours are all close in age and will therefore all be seniors together $$$$. Maybe another dog when we have a house and a yard.......
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
I know this has probably been asked before.But, thought I'd ask it any ways.
How many cats is too many for you?
How many do you have?
names & approximate ages
I am at my limit!!!
Anymore than 5
I have 5
Blaze is 1 1/2
Corwin is 5 months
Lilly is 4 months
Sapphire is 3 months
Mia is 2 months
I put 4-7. I have 3 housecats, and one cat Will who is in and out. Then I foster...generally one Momma and kittens. We sometimes keep the Momma's until they are adopted. So I know my cats are good at accepting new cats into their group.

However...when the fosters are getting to the point of needing more attention, and they are eating and using the litterbox...my care of my own cats drops. I have a lot of trouble scooping my own cats 4 litterboxes, and the foster room litterboxes, and feeding, fresh water, attention to the babies, keeping up with feeding my outside cats...it becomes overload and my cats lose. As do the kittens sometimes...they just don't get the proper attention. So while the idea of having loads of kitties is lovely, I just can't do it. And honestly, I don't like scooping poo enough to say that once my kids are grown, or once I retire, I would commit to having more cats.

That's why fostering is nice. You can have the greediness of taking in loads of kitties, but then you aren't commited to them for life! Of course you lose some of the depth of relationship you have with your forever kitties with fostering.

Anyhow, Crittermom (Tammy), I wanted to remind you that you have very young cats. Even Blaze at 1-1/2 is still just a young'un. While kittens are cute, they are so pesky and high energy! I think once your babies are all a year old, things will get somewhat easier in your house. And once they are over 2 you will be able to breathe a big sigh of relief. Two is the magic age for me with kitties, that is when they become calmer and more pleasant. My cats are all 2-3, except Jazz. She is the baby at 1!
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I would say that you should never have more animals than you can properly provide daily care, cleanliness, food, water, grooming, and atention for. If you feel as though you just don't have enough time for another baby, even though you want you- you're probably at your limit and should not get anymore. That being said, I don't feel like there is a magic number as to how many animals you should or should not own. I think it is dependant on the owner, the animals, the space, commitment, and funds. I picked (4-7) becuase I own four cats and I also foster....That works perfectly for me, but for some, four may be too many. It is completly variable. I feel that sometimes people have a hard time resisting those cute fluffy faces (I know I do!) ....but if you take everyone in that you see without ample room or time to clean and provide good care of them, it can easily lead to hoarding and improper care of the animals. (sorry, I've gone into way too many hoarders homes to rescue neglected animals with the local shelters I volunteer for- I just had to mention this issue- it's more common than a lot of ppl may think, and it's not an issue of just having too many animals- it is a neurological and mental issue that people can recieve good help for. But often times, these animals wind up "wild" because they are not socialized properly, often times they are ill due to neglect, and many die or are not placable in new homes because of the neglect and abuse they suffer through. So I think people always should be cautious to make sure that you are not out of control with the amount of animals that you own- even if you have good intentions, those animals are completly dependant on you- you should never have more than you can proplerly care for.) / Ok, sorry, now i'm off that topic....hum, i would say, as long as you have the room, the time, and the life long commitment to make to those animals, as well as money to provide them with proper vet care, food, vaccinations, etc....then you should have as many as you feel responsibly comfortable with. For me right now, I have 4 kitties, I keep my numbers low so that I don't get overcrowded- because I am constantly fostering. I live in a 2 bedroom duplex with 4 kitties, 1 rabbit, and 1 dog there as well as a few nice fish tanks. We are at our limit there...so I wouldn't dream of adopting any more while i'm there. Now at Colin's house, Colin and I have 1 dog and right now, my current foster kitten Kenzie, is staying there as well because of ringworm concerns. If Colin and I were to get married, I would be taking 3 of my cats with me and my rabbit. Abilene and Ginger(dog) would stay with my mom- they are VERY attached to her as is my mom to them- so my mom and I have already talked it through and decided that is the best decision for them . I am happy with that because I know how much my mom loves them. . If Colin and I get married, I will be taking Jasmine, Isabella, Velvet, and Sophie (bunny) with me...and Colin and I will have Fosters our dog already at his house. Since Colin's house is a lot larger than my two bedroom duplex..and he is currently looking into buying a larger house soon...I will most likely adopt another animal or two in the future (Probably adult kitties- kittens always have an easier time finding homes and the adult kitties often get overlooked). So for now i'm at my limit, but whenever I get married and move out, I will plan on adopting one or two more since two of my animals will be staying behind with my mom. So humm...when I move, that would put me at 5 or 6 kitties if I add I am at 4 right now and Abilene would be staying with my mom.

About my girls:

Velvet - 10 yrs. I've owned her since she was a few weeks old. I adopted her from an extremely high kill shelter. She is such a wonderful kitty!!!

Abilene- 5 yrs. I found her and her litter mates 1/2 drowned when they were only a few days old. Her sister Drama lives with my sister Kimmy and her family, and her other siblings found excellent homes. I've had Abilene since she was only a few days old. I adopted her out of the bunch, because she is the most feral and wild....I knew she would be difficult to adopt out and wasn't willing to risk her not finding a home, when she had already found a perfect one with us.

Jasmine- 5 years. I've owned her for about 3 years now. Her former owners dumped her off at the shelter I was volunteering at one night in the midsts of a bitter divorce. I brought her home "just to foster" that night.....I already had 4 foster kittens at the time lol...Well, Jasmine got along soo well with everyone else and was soo sweet, that after much discussion and a mutual agreement, my mom and I adopted her.

Isabella- 2 years. Isabella, wow, where do I begin- she was severly abused and beaten by her breeder. (I know there are a lot of good breeders out there, but this one was trash and was only in it for the money.) Once the breeder abused her soo much that she was no longer adoptable, she dumped her off at the shelter. I began fostering Issy that night...and it took me months to socialize her and get her to trust me. She was petrified of everyone else, and was not able to be placed up for adoption at that point. She boneded immensly with me and Jasmine...and slowly began to trust and love us. She was just one of those kittens that I knew I would never let go. I brought her up to the shelter one night after a few months of fostering her to place her up for adoption...that was the worst feeling of my life! Her cage was right by the window and she looked out at me crying and meowing the whole time I walked off. I went back home that night and thought it over thoroughly, made out a budget, and the next day I went back the next day and officially adopted her. That was one of the best decision's i've ever made (much to the happiness of my fellow volunteers- they knew issy would have a good home with me, and that I was the only person she trusted)
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I have 4, and it doesn't seem over crowded, but I think I would have to stop at 4. Anymore and it would be just too much for me. Actually, having Simba is about like having 3 rolled up in one little furball.
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My limit is 4 and I have 7...hehehe...
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As for the energy level,mine are all fairly calm kits.Of course they play and run through the house.But, we enjoy watching that and actually encourage it.
It's just based on the $$$ for litter,food,vetting,toys and etc.PLUS, cleaning litter boxes,cleaning bowls and all the general care.
So, I am at my limit for that.If God were to send me a kitty that REALLY needed a home,I would take it in UNTIL I could find another home for it.
I love all my cats/kits,but like I said,I'm at my limit.
I don't want to overstress my allergies either.
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How every many you can afford and properly take care of...
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We have 3 cats, and I think that's my limit right now. I would love to have more kitties, but we just don't have the space for them. Delilah's already going a little nuts having to share the house with the 2 kittens, plus DH and I and our 3 kids. Also I do not have space for more than 3 litter boxes, tops, and I'd hate to develop any issues in that area just for lack of boxes. I'd love to have more kitties, but I need a bigger house first!
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