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Get off this board and go have your baby!!!! We are all waiting just as anxiously as you are for Amber to arrive!

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I know!!! I'm going crazy here!!! I am starting to think she will never come out!!!!!!
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Oh for Pete's sake...
This has been going on long enough...
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Hurry up, PLEASE!
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Amber obviously has a mind of her own!
We're all anxious for you to make an appearance, Amber!
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did you notice that Debby hasn't posted anywhere on the board since she replyed to this thread last night????? Do you think Amber has finally arrived????????????
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Sadly, no. Still here.
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Are you past your due date now?
Amber, get out of your mom's belly & into this world so we can all see you! :teddy:
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She was due on the 1st. A girl I know stopped over Friday night, and was telling me she was way past due with hers, and she found out that because of all the scar tissue she had from a previous surgery to remove pre-cancer cells from her cervix (and I have had this surgery twice) that her cervix wouldn't open. even when they induced labor..she only got to 1 cm. So they had to go ceserian. (sp?)

So maybe that is why I am not going into labor...just a thought. I know I have alot of scar tissue, my local Dr. told me that along time ago.
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Hmmmmmm......... interesting!
How long does the dr. want you to wait til they induce labor?
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First babies are, almost always late. I was two weeks late, with Richard before they induced. Some kids are just plain stubborn!
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Really spicy mexican food... within a few hours... POP
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LOL Ken! I hear there is a pizza place in New York that makes a Fast Delivery Pizza. Heard it is guaranteed to induce labor- though don't know if that is a false claim or not!
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:LOL: Maybe I should try that spicy food thing!! But with my luck all I would get is a terrible case of heartburn!!!
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Hey.... if you hold off just a little more than 3 more days, you'll have her on my birthday! (The 15th.)

Amber! We're waiting for you, sweetie!
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The Dr. should tell me tomorrow when they will induce me, so who knows...maybe it will be on your birthday!!
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The 15th. is ok, I guess, because it's my daughter's birthday, but do you mind waiting until the 16th.? That's our anniversary. (My daughter missed it by an hour and 12 minutes.)
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Yeah... Debby, if you could hold on till the 16th... of January you can have her on MY birthday!!! :laughing2 :laughing:

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I bet you must be ready to get Amber out of you already!! Hopefully the time will come soon for you. :teddy:
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Originally posted by BodLover
Yeah... Debby, if you could hold on till the 16th... of January you can have her on MY birthday!!! :laughing2 :laughing:
Rhea!!! If I didn't like you so darn much, I'd have something very unkind to say about THAT!!! :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Debby, try some rasberry leaf tea. It's supposed to help strengthen your uterus. Good luck!
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Debby, Rhea is giving me a hard time, not you. I just figured if you were waiting anyway------- Aug. 16 is a nice day, but Aug. 12 is better! (Hey, Rhea, nyah nyah, nyah nyah, nyah!! So there!)
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My best friend's MIL told her that when she decided it was time for Mark to make his big appearance she just ran up and down the stairs in their house until labor started. It worked - it only took about 15 minutes on the stairs before she went into labor...
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Guaranteed to induce labor!

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There you go Debby!!!! All you need to do is run up and down your stairs for 10 minutes, then do Jumping Jacks for 10 minutes, then 10 more minutes of running up and down your stairs, and then another 10 minutes of Jumping Jacks. Then go back to your stairs... If you just keep going on and on like this labor HAS to start soon! (only teasing)
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We tried driving down a bumpy dirt road, with Richard - didn't work.
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Linguine with clam sauce did the trick for me! I haven't eaten it since!
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