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I think I'm going to be sick...

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Food induced sickness that is. DH has referred 2 people at his work, and both referral bonuses just came through, so we took out the guy who's working here (the other guy is working out of the Australian office) and his wife to a really nice place for dinner. It's called Sundance Steakhouse, and is a classy steak place - of course DH still wore his geek shirt, shorts and sandals....

Anyway, so we planned to do appetizers and mains, and I had a Appletini cocktail, tomato and mozarella for appetizer, and a filet mignon with garlic mash for main, and then they came to us with dessert menus and they had white chocolate creme brulee!!! We both LOVE creme brulee, and they actually had butterscotch or white chocolate creme brulee, so we got one each and shared them, and the butterscotch one was SOOOOOO good!!!! Probably up there amongst one of the best desserts I've ever had. Of course I was well and truly full by then, because we'd also had bread to start, and wine throughout the meal, but we all had dessert anyway.

The meal was awesome, the company was great, and we're home at a reasonable hour, but I feel soooo sick from eating too much!! I think my belly's going to explode.

It was so worth it though!!!! That was the most tender and tasty I've had in a looooong time!

What was the last meal you splurged on that was awesome?
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.....oh, I did enjoy reading about your wonderful meal - esp. dessert! I really miss working in a nice dinnerhouse - the chefs can cook up such delicious treats And creme brulee is one of my all-time favorites
I used to enjoy carmelizing the sugar on top, till the management took the waiters' portable "flame throwers" away
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Last time we went to Red Lobster,been awhile, I ate sooooooooooo much I felt horrible.I told DH he had better drive slow, or he'd have a mess all over.
I had crab legs,shrimp scampi,Lobster tail--shared with DH,sea scallops,butterfly shrimp,garlic biscuit, and a strawberry daquri (sp)
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It's been a while since I really indulged, but last night we went out to dinner for Sweetest Day, and I had a porkchop that was do die for!!!
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I just did that last night with my uncle!!! I love food induced sickness, its the BEST kind..I love eating, can you tell?

I just went to Swiss Chalet, but had a chicken dinner with all the fixings, plus a bunch of extra pieces of bread AND a huge piece of cheesecake!!

I was so tired after eating all that I had to have a catnap before I went out last night...

I love eating
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Mmmmm everyone's meals sound lovely!!! I agree Trouts mom - eating is GOOOOD!!!!! That's why I have never attempted dieting... I love food too much!
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A friend and I went to Applebee's a few weeks ago - we had drinks, mozzerella sticks and onion rings for appetizers, then I had a big meal - chicken fried steak, potatoes, veggies, and then we had dessert - I had an absolutely wonderful chocolate cake dessert that was to die for!

I was going to explode after eating, but it was SO SO worth it!
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