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Grey's Anatomy Piloy with commentary.......

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okay, I admit it, I'm one of those people that really obsesses over a show when I like it. I mean, have it on dvd or downloaded until the dvd is released, watch the episodes over and over and greatly anticipate the next episode. And right now, I'm into Grey's Anatomy. So, I'm watching the pilot on my new season one dvd set (thanx to the bf) w/ the audio commentary. Which, I know, some people hate. Is there anyone else out there that enjoys commentaries on movies or tv? If so, which ones?
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I LOVE Grey's Anatomy too!!!!!!
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ME TOO!!! But without commentary
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I'm not a fan of commentary, but I do like Grey's Anatomy
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Hey I just saw the pilot this weekend!!!! I haven't watched the show all along and really wanted to start at the beginning instead of just jumping in during the middle...

I'm getting them through Netflix so I only had the first disc this weekend, but saw the first 5 episodes. Starting Monday I'll be full on GA and I'll cycle through all of the seasons.. whew! Hopefully I'll be on track to watch season 4 live! I can't stand missing episodes- I have to see them all in order... I love TV on DVD!!!!!!

Ahem- back to the commentaries... I only ever watch them on really, really good movies/episodes. The last one I watched was for the series finale of Six Feet Under.

I think I might start buying the seasons of GA- I really like this show so far & from what I've seen when I can't help but watch when it's on tv! Maybe someday I'll get to watch the commentaries on it but for now I'm too eager to get the next disc so I return it right away!
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