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Wondering if there is any new updates? Prayers coming from this way also!
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I'm so sorry to hear about this - sending many prayers and vibes to you and your daughter
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I'm still praying for you and your daughter. I hope that you are doing ok. Please give us an update if you get the time!

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I am so sorry! Prayers for your poor baby and your whole family. May your daughter recover in every way.
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What a horrible experience! My thoughts are with you and your daughter. I can certainly understand why you are rehoming the kitten, and hopefully he'll find a new home with no small children, and your daughter won't bear physical or emotional scars.
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Thank you for the relpies everyone. Madeleine was released from the hospital this morning. What a difference 48 hours make. After the initial swelling from the scratches and bites went down, the damage looks less severe.

The plastic surgeon doesn't feel that any of the scars on her face will be permanent. He said it can take years for them to go away, but they will likely not be noticible by her teenage years. Her nipple is still a big mystery to us, though. The doctors explained that the tissue we call a "nipple" on a toddler (its the size of a pencil lead) is not necessarily the same tissue that becomes a nipple during puberty. I guess there are so many physiological changes associated with breast development, we can't really know if there will be any deformity in her adult breast. It's just a wait and see now.

I, too, hope Shannon finds a good home. I cannot imagine what caused him to attack a sleeping child. He was neutered last Wednesday and our only theory right now is some sort of anxiety/agression caused by that. We'll never know for sure, I suppose, but won't take the risk of bringing him into our home again.

Madeleine, fortunately, has not been afraid of Ruby since she got home. She is happy and active today and only cries when I have to give her antibiotics or change her bandages. Otherwise, you'd think nothing happened to her. I guess that's what youth does for you...

Again, thanks for all of your kind words and support.
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Thank you for the update. I'm glad Madeleine is home, recovering well, and not afraid of Ruby. Sounds like most of the hurdles are behind you. Vibes and prayers for quick recovery for your little one.
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Im so glad to hear Madeleine is home and recovering. Sending many prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.
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Its awesome to hear that she's recovering so well! I will continue to keep you and her in my thoughts and prayers.
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OMG I'm so sorry! I just read this. I hope the baby is ok.
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Thank you for the update!! I'm so happy to hear she is better and the wounds look better than first thought.Hopefully her nipple will be o.k. and no surgury will need to be done.
Hopefully Shannon can find a home without small children.I don't know what makes some animals turn on a loved one,but as you said YOU CAN'T take the chance it won't happen again.
MANY prayers for you,your daughter.
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad that she still feels comfortable with your other cat. At 4 months old, it is hard to know what set him off. Bless you for wanting to rehome him instead of something else. Prayers that your daughter becomes stronger with each day.
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I am so very sorry this happened to your daughter! What a fright that must have been to find her...poor little baby! I'm glad she is feeling better already, and pray that she will have no long term scars.

Bless you for thinking about little Shannon, and helping to find him a home. I have never heard of a kitty doing such a thing...and I am especially sad it happened to your sweet girl!

My heart goes out to you and your family...while it sounds like Madeleine is ready to forget what happened, I'm sure it is etched in your mind forever. Hugs to you as you deal with this. Please keep letting us know how you and Madeleine are doing.
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Just thought I'd give an update. Madeleine is doing so well. Her face is almost clear (thank goodness.) We still have a long road to hoe regarding the nipple. We are hopeful everything will turn out OK.

Some bad news, however. After the initial stress, we inquired about Shannon. He has been put to rest. The local animal shelter determined they were not willing to take the risk of rehoming him. I really think it is for the better.
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Thanks for the update. It was a sad situation all around. Rest in peace Shannon.

And contined healing vibes to Madeleine.
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I am glad to hear your little girl is doing better/ I'm sure with time and age, the nipple issue will be resolved as needed/ I work with animals on a daily basis and do a lot of rescues and fostering- while I don't advocate the euthanazia of animals- I think that it was a good call on the shelter's part to put little shannon to rest- I would not have chanced rehoming him eithor incase he tried it again and did more damage to someone else. I know how hard it can be, but hopefully your little girl will start to improve even more
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I have been wondering how she was doing.Thanks for the update!!!! Maybe in a few more weeks/months, her nipple will heal and won't needa ny work on it.
It is sad about Shannon, but I think the shelter did the right thing by putting him to rest.Often aggresion issues can't be determined what set them off and therefor you are always on edge and wondering when it will happen again.Now, he is at peace and will not hurt anyone else.
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I'm glad Madeleine is doing much better!
It's a shame such a young boy has been put to sleep, but it was for the best, IMO.
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Echoing the sentiments already expressed. Glad that little Madeleine is healing well. Sorry that little Shannon had to be put down, but I can certainly understand the issues. RIP little sweetie.
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I am glad she is doing better. It is sad about Shannon but having had the same issue with a cat who attacked me, all the professionals said it was the only thing to do.
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Aww I am very sorry here are some Vibes for you and your family ))good Vibes(((
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It can't be easy to make that choice but the right thing was done RIP Shannon. I hope your daughter continues to improve and that she makes a full recovery. Most of us on here seem to have been attacked by a cat/dog at some point and we still love our furry friends, I'm sure your daughter will grow up to be as much of a cat lover as you
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Its great to hear that your daughter is doing well. I am sending continued prayers that her nipple will be back to normal in no time..

RIP little Shannon.
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Thanks for the update - I've been wondering how your daughter was doing. It's sad about little Shannon, but I understand that the shelter didn't want to risk an attack on somebody else.
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