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Cat trouble

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We just recently had gotten a new kitten shes about nine weeks old and shes a female. Our old cat soxx hes a male and about five years old is having trouble accepting her. Our old cat doesnt hiss or growl at
the new kitten but he has pounced on her a few times. Sometimes we'll have them both out and he doesnt seem to really care for her. Sometimes also
i think he only gets mad when she runs up to him and paws at his face. i've tried keeping her locked up in one room and the two play with eachothers paws from underneath the door. i also have been giving our older cat attention to make sure he doesnt feel left out or like the new kitten will take his place. its been a few weeks now and i dont like having the new kitten locked up all the time. i do switch the two but the older cat doesnt like to be locked up either. any advice
on what to do? or any chance on them ever getting along?
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Here is a thread along similiar lines. Perhaps you can find some help within?

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This sounds familiar I have 3 cats and I got them all separately. This is how we did it: I'd keep the kitten locked in a room by herself/himself. Give the kitten some furry (non-catnip) toys to play with. Also, if you haven't give the new kitty a blanket to sleep on. After a day, take the kitten's blanket & give it to the older cat. Give the kitten something (toy, blanket) of the older cats. This gets them used to the other's scents. You also might want to switch the rooms (have older cat walk around and sniff out the kitten's room and vice versa) Do this each day for about 3-5 days. The second step I'd take is having your spouse/roomate pick up the older cat and you open the door to the kitten's room- that way the older cat can see what's behind the door & vice versa. I did this for about 3 days. Finally, my next step was: before and after work I'd give the 2 cats "together" time (monitored by my husband and me). When we'd leave for work we'd separate them again and when we went to bed we'd separate them. All together, it took about two weeks and one Saturday morning, we opened the doors for good and it wasn't too traumatic for them. I know there is an urge to want them to be best buds right away, but it takes a great deal of time and patience to get to that point. Good luck!
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