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Look what I found

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I was half asleep this morning when my BF's dad yelled for me to come out to the barn. He was feeding horses when he heard a small meowing. There were two tiny kittens in the corner of the barn. I caught one with little effort but it took BF and I over an hour to catch the second one. They were very hungry but seem to be in good health otherwise. They are VERY hissy though, but they'll adjust quickly. We've been handling them with gloves though, just to be safe. Thorough examination of both female cats I trapped showed neither of them had recently had kittens.... and we checked the entire farm for signs of other cats... with no luck. No idea where they came from but there aren't anymore. We couldn't stand the thought of them being alone outside with it being 20 degrees tonight.... and no clue where their mother is. We brought the babies inside and are feeding them. No idea on an age but they're eating canned food alright.
Here's the ironic part, two of our rescued kittens passed away a few weeks ago.... and these two newest babies are identical to the two we lost. Both of these are boys and we're trying to come up with names for them.

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Oh my goodness how precious
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They are so cute!
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Ahhh there so sweet looking, Thanks for helping the little ones out, maybe Moms close by you never know..Good Luck with them
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Ahhhhhh...They are so Adorable!!! If they were outside, I bet the momma cat was out catching food for them. Our momma ferral used to go out and capture field mice and bring it to her kittens in the car shed here. I would keep a lookout for her. Im so happy you found them, especially with the temperatures dipping as they have.
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Bless you for rescuing those two cuties! If they were so underweight, they could easily perish outside in the cold Surely a cats' guardian angel led them to your home
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They are both so cute. It's fortuante that you found them and can take them in now that cold weather is coming.
post #8 of 12 have become quite the kitty rescuers. Just remember to keep the newbies seperate until they have been seen by a vet and received age appropriate shots (and spaying/neutering if applicable).

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They are sooooooooo cute. Thanks for taking them into the warmth of your home. Outside in winter is no place for kittens. I am sure they will appreciate it by giving you lots of loves and cuddles once they have got used to you. Mum will not be far so have a look out for her too. The black could be called Spike, look at the claws. I would wear gloves too: lol3:
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aww.......... well arent they a couple of peaches and they look fairly heathly too !
You & your man are such a special people to keep these two furbabies warm & safe
Good luck with finding moma !
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Bless you for taking them in--and they're adorable! I also love the pics--a manly man tenderly cradling two kittens--ahhh, the perfect man... (which is why I love my hubby--big, burly guy, with a soft spot for cats!).

I wish you all the best with the babies. Please keep us posted?

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Too sweet! Just too sweet!
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