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Cat eliminating right outside litter boxes

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I have 3 cats- ages 4, 3, & 2. We moved to a new house in May.
It took them about 2 weeks to adjust to the new house and find
their "comfort" spots where they like to sleep. We keep their
litter boxes in a spare room (we have 2 boxes) with plenty of
privacy. Everything was fine until about 5 weeks ago- one (or
more) of them started to eliminate feces just outside the
litter box- right in front to be exact. We have not changed
their food, location of litter boxes or the times we get home
from work. There is however one thing we changed- about 5-6
weeks ago we started locking them out of the bedroom at night
since I have asthma and having them in there makes it worse. Also
they ONLY defecate outside the boxes when we are home. It happens every single day. Although I love my cats VERY so dearly, allowing them in our bedroom at night when we sleep is not an option. We've been thinking of videotaping the "litter" room so we could at least figure out who is doing it and try to fix the problem. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix or why they are doing it? Is it because of the bedroom? It's Saturday night & it just happened a few minutes ago and our bedroom door has been open for a few hours.
Thanks!!! Jenny
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Here is a link about this very subject. I hope it helps you.

Inappropriate Peeing
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i highly doubt this is the cause but really depends. How clean is their litter box? My cat used to do that unless his litter box was really clean. the more we keep it clean the more he uses it.
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Since you have 3 cats and only 2 boxes, the first thing you should do is add a box. Also, if your cats are large it could be that they just don't fit the small litter boxes any more. And....Quen has an excellent point, many cats will refuse to use a box that is dirty. After all, who wants to sit and concentrate in other people's pee and poop! Also, if you have changed the type or brand of litter you are using, go back to the old litter. Some cats are veeery picky about the litter they use.

So...first buy at least one and preferably 2 extra large litter boxes (a rubbermaid storage box will work), then scoop at least twice daily. I think you might find that the problem will go away.

By the way....are the feces normal looking? Have you checked to make sure they don't have blood or aren't realy slimey? This could be your cat's way of telling you that he/she isn't feeling too good.
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Hi Jenny
We had a similar problem not so long ago.
At first I thought it might have been the litter itself as I changed brands but the problem continued
Second thing we did was to change to larger boxes that still didn’t work
Eventually the only thing that worked for us was to add 2 more litter boxes of very large sizes, I have also taken to changing their litter every second day, My babies are real fusspots and wont use it if its dirty.
I realise that the cost of litter can be every expensive so here is a really easy way out.
I buy chicken laying pellets to use as litter its great it absorbs the smells is easy on their paws and a 40 kg sack only costs about $14.00 Australian, it is also environmentally safe.
I hope this helps you
Best of luck
Tish + 6
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