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I swear, some people!!! Why do they think dumping their pet is OK?? Uggh......... Last Sunday I noticed 2 dogs just wondering around up the road from my place. I was nice enough to feed them, and have fed them a couple times since then, hoping that they MIGHT just be lost-but that isnt the case. Almost a week later-they are still there. Sitting and waiting for their human to come back for them. Just makes me so dang mad when people do that crap. I mean, why not put them to sleep or something, ya know??? I just dont get it.

Sorry just needed to rant a bit.
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People are just stupid and uncaring to do that to ANY animal!!
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Someone must have dumped a cat by my house because now it's stays in my yard most of the day begging to be petted, and it's been here for at least 3+ months, so obviously nobody is looking for it or they would have put up signs, it's grooming isnt good either, so thats also what makes me believe it was dumped, the owner just didnt care about it.
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Is there a no kill shelter or rescue organization that you could borrow a humane trap from to catch them and take them to?
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Is there a no kill shelter or rescue organization that you could borrow a humane trap from to catch them and take them to?
No Theres none around here. I am trying to get in touch with a lady that runs a shelter in another town, to see if shes got room for them. But they are picky when it comes to where the animal(s) are from. They like you to be from the same county.....kinda silly, I know. Other than that-theres no others near by. I didnt see the dogs today though, so Im not sure whats happened to them.
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That is just heartbreaking.

I am not proud of this, but when we were younger my sister was one of those people who liked the IDEA of a pet, and would continue to get pets, and she would end up getting annoyed with them and take them to a country road

This was a long time ago, and she was about 21 or so..and I was 16 at the time and my sis didn't live at home anymore..but she had this sweet black lab named Comet...well she trained him as if he was in boot camp, and anytime he so much as took one step out of a heel she would scream at him and yank his leash back..It was the saddest. Then she started getting tired of having a big dog in an apartment, and she would leave him in his crate ALL DAY..and he would cry and cry, and she would punish him for crying..and one day when she reached in to swat him..he snapped at her..and that was it, she took him to a country road because he had become aggresive..IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF HER THOUGH.

It pains me to tell this story because I've never told anyone..but I still cry thinking of poor Comet, and how he never did anything wrong but be a hyper dog..and it wasn't his fault that he got my sister as an owner..

I seriously don't even know how he ended up..I just pray that someone found him and gave him a good home..Poor thing.

This same fate happened to TWO cats she owned too. One of them scratched her because she tried introducing the cat to a DOG...DUH of course a cat will freak out and scratch to get away from the dog...and the other one wouldn't stop meowing. Off to the country road with all of them

She's had no pets for years, thank god. No animal deserves that fate for something they instinctually do.

Poor babies, I hope you are okay out there and someone is loving you as much as you all deserve.
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I havent seen the dogs for 3 days. I sure hope they are ok. I am really wondering where they are.
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