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planting bulbs

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Another gardening question here. Gosh, I really should join Verdant Forums ( but I like it here too much!).

Anyways...I was thinking it would be fun to have some crocus popping up in early spring. So I went to the garden centre and was going to buy some bulbs, but the guy there said that they won't survive in a container. I'm in an apartment and my "garden" is in pots on the balcony.
I have a couple of large containers with Asian lillies, and I thought the crocus would go nicely there, as they'll have room to expand and will die off by the time the lillies start to wake up.
Anyone have any advice to share? The guy was a little strange and waffley and I didn't have a lot of confidence in him.
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Crocus is hearty and easy to grow. I'd use a 16" container, at least. You can easily layer different bulbs in the container, too, like you said, so they bloom at different times. If it's very cold where you are I'd put the container next to the building over the winter.

I don't know why the guy told you that.

Cheers, from
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He said "oh they won't survive. You've got to plant them in the ground." Then went on about how nothing survives in containers. These are large and deep containers.
I was thinking of putting on some mulch for protection?
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I found this bit of information for you and this is what it bascically says. So it doens't sound like you could plant them in containers with out some type of protection
crocus, snowdrops, eranthis or winter aconites, chionodoxas, scillas, grape hyacinths, leucojums or snowflakes, Dutch hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips, the pride of northern spring gardens. Though hardy, they are not adapted to containers outdoors where temperatures drop much below freezing. They require the protection of a shed, unheated cellar or cold frame.
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Oh ok - so the soil in the containers may freeze too? Hmm, I think if I can protect the containers then they should be ok. I can bring them in to a shed over the winter, as well as covering them.
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I know the ground will still freeze if you keep it in a shed unless the shed is really well isulated or heated to a low temp but then they do have temp requirements in order to flower. When planted the ground also freezes outside. Crocus's do not have to be planted very deep as the bulb is quite small. I would try it to see what happens. I have planted in pots not crocuses specially but other spring bulbs like hycinths to force bloom inside in late winter-these will be in my attached garage that is insulated but not heated and they seem to do ok.
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