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Does anyone else's cat do this:

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In the morning, after I've got up and got ready for work, she jumps on the bed and meows and meows and really wants me to get back into bed and snuggle with her! She loves it so much when there's one person in the bed and she can lay on there with them. I wonder why?
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Yes, Gizmo does this with me. I think that you are more 'their size' when you are lying in the bed with them, playing. And then of course there are the Bed Mice to catch!
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oh yes the 'bed mice', Villy's favourite game!!!!!
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oh yes the bed mice game,ive lost count of the times ive fallen asleep playing that with my Gaspard....
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Ferris bit me right on the big toe this weekend, chasing after a bed mouse!
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Gizmo keeps rolling over and falling out of bed, so I often have to move her more to the center of the mattress while she plays Bed Mice....

anyway, I think that when you are lying down, your appearance is more or less that of 'mama cat' to the cat...when you are standing, you are not the right silhouette.
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Yep... my Hannah (who stays in my room) knows when I'm getting ready to leave the house. She'll stand on the corner of the bed nearest the door staring at me, holding one paw out while letting out these little "don't go" meows!
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My Vinny will cry and cry if I get out of bed and follow me around until I come back -- unless it reaches the point where I absolutely HAVE to get up or I will be late for work, I stay with him as long as possible. My Sherman will come running when he hears the first alarm go off -- he prefers to sleep on my husband's office chair rather than in bed with us.

But, either way, they love cuddling in bed more when I'm awake than when I'm asleep. They very, very rarely cuddle with my husband, though...I can't figure out why!
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