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Something is wrong with Piper

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Piper is my 6 month old Bengal,spayed,vax,dewormed.

Two weeks ago I found a small thing of throw up on the floor, looked like mostly saliva with bits of food mixed in. I didnt know where it came from then. Two days later same thing. Basically every other day I would find a little vomit.

All the cats were acting normal,healthy. All poop in the litterboxes is normal.

So two days ago I find out its Piper, poor thing makes these awful hacking noises and spits up saliva and food. I checked it for worms but didnt see any.

But yesterday I had the cable guy here, just the two of us in the house, and all of a sudden we heard a baby crying, he looked at me and asked if i had kids and i said "no". It was so weird, it sounded like there was a baby in my house crying. So I get up to investigate and its Piper throwing up! It was the weirdest noise I ever heard from a cat, but then she was fine. Running and playing,eating,drinking.

Im taking her to the vet today, but what could cause her to throw up basically once a day. Im thinking maybe she eats and then plays to rough with her brother and throws up? I dont know, its so weird.She is strictly indoor, and as i said she is otherwise very healthy, she is a good weight too, so she nots loosing weight, she is not dehydrated, im so confused.

any ideas?
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I'm wondering if she has a hairball that she can't get up. If so, then the vet can help you with something that helps them either a) come back up or b) go out the other end.
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I immediately thought hairball that won't come up also. Hopefully the vet visit will find and address the problem. If it is hairball related, then you may want to look at other food options as a preventative measure.
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I agree that it sounds like a hairball. The remedy is easy if that's what it is: a gel you put on your finger and the cat licks it up. Good luck.

Cheers, from
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Could be and I hope it is a simple hairball issue....
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Hoping it is just a hairball as well.
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let us know what the vet says. Thinking of you & Piper
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