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I think Trout was bred a "fighting cat"

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I'm sitting here at the computer wearing an unzipped hoody, and for the last half hour or so, she has been tugging at one end of my hoody that is dangling toward the floor and she's chewing on it and growling at it, as if it can do harm to her..She's pulling so hard, I think that side will be longer when she finally stops

By the way, she sucessfully got the zipper off last weekend.

What a freak she is

Do your cats violently chew things?
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Hahahaha... that pic is priceless
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Yes. This Chinese Finger Trap was accidently left on the coffee table for 10 minutes.

She opens my daughter's Christmas presents that are under the tree, too. We'll come home and there'll be a couple of presents peeking out of shredded wrapping paper.

Cheers, from
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I'll try to get a pic later of her destroying something..I'm sure it won't be too long
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I have one jacket that, because of the elastic loops on the zips, has Radar doing star-jumps every time he sees me wearing it! He just leaps up and down, paws waving in the air, trying to grap the elastic bits. I can't wear it around him, because a couple of times he has got hold of it and latched on kicking, which is not a pleasant thing to have going on around your midriff!
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He’s not into destroying things but anything that hits the floor is fair game. If I can’t or don’t pick it up immediately it will become a cat toy.

The other night I dropped the cap from a pill bottle. Chester came into the bathroom sniffed at it, picked it up and then casually walked off with it. A few minutes later I heard the thunder of kitty feet at play. By the next morning it was somewhere in the living room.
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Yes, at the moment, Kenzie is obsessed with the strings on my running pants, pj's and hoodies too! She LOVES biting them!
As well as the strap on the digital camera

Kenzie doing her best 8-Bit impression:

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