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New here

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Hi everyone!

I'm "new", but have posted before, about the newborn kittens. Jack, Jill, Star and Zoe. Jack hung on the longest, 3 1/2 weeks.

I do have three other house cats. Spook was a outside kitten, she has some siamese in her, she has the markings and the blue eyes, Arial we got from the vet, she was facing death row, only because she was a stray that was taken to the vets. She's a Tortise Shell siamese, had already been spayed and declawed before we adopted her. And Checkers, another outside cat. She's a calico, one half of her face is black and the other half is orange, her ears markings are just the opposite, hence the name! Plus I have six dogs, one is a foster coon hound. And have two horses. Also have many barn cats and strays that I take care of. I have had bottle fed kittens before but never newborns with any luck.
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Hi Barb and welcome to TCS. With your brood of animals, sounds like you and one of our other members, Hissy, will have a lot in common. Hope to see you posting often.
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Thanks for the welcome Deb!

I do "know" hissy, wish I knew half of what she knows about raising
newborn kittens!! She was a great help to me. I'm glad to be a member here!
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Barb, welcome to The Cat Site!!! We're glad you decided to join us here!!!
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Hi Barb! Nice to see you here! I am so sorry about Jack and the others. Big hugs from my gang to yours!

I am still working on getting Dr.Lisa over here too!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have quite a lot of furry love to go around.

I look forward to getting to know you and all your furries. Although this is The Cat Site, we love all critters, so don't be shy about talking about the dogs and horses, too.
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Welcome to the board Barb! Sit back and enjoy the cat chat!
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Hissy, it would be GREAT to get Dr. Lisa!!! I'll say a prayer!!

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